Change is coming, and this time, it's for the better

August 10, 2020




Times are tough rumors are swirling around everywhere you look. Will we have a season? Will it be canceled? Do you listen to the players or put your full trust in the administrators? Or heck, are there sports media members actively rooting against the sport to return? In all honesty, every last one of these questions is a legit and understandable concern. 


However, through all the uncertainty and craziness, one thing has emerged, the players want to play this fall and are willing to risk everything to play for their respected schools this fall. Which and understandably so has caused quite the ruckus throughout the world of college football. Led by star quarterback from Clemson, Trevor Lawerence, a movement was born. The #WeWantToPlay was started late Sunday night and quickly gained the momentum of players across the entire FBS division. In reality, this could be the movement that could save the 2020 season, and also bring much-needed change to the sport. 


What exactly are the players asking for, you might ask? It's simple. 


They want to play football this season. 


They want to establish universTal health & safety procedures and protocols to protect college-athletes against Covid-19 among all conferences throughout the NCAA. 


Give players the opportunity to opt-out and respect their decision. 


Guarantee eligibility whether a player chooses to play the season or not. 


They want to use their voices to establish open communication & trust between the players and officials; ultimately create a college football players association. 


And lastly, representatives of the players of all power 5 conferences. 


I get it, some of you might hate the notion of a players union within college athletics, but to save the season and prepare for the future a players union is not only necessary but it's the right thing to do. These players have a voice and that voice deserves to be heard, and in all honesty, if the administrators ignore these players, things could turn south in a heartbeat. 


One day, we will all look back on the second weekend of August as the weekend that forever changed the landscape of college athletics in the United States of America. 

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