The return Major League Baseball is exactly what America needs right now

July 20, 2020




America has been through hell and back over the last five months with the ongoing war with the Coronavirus. America has gone five whole months without live sports or for many, their escape from everyday life. That long hiatus ends on Friday when America's pastime returns to living rooms across the country. 


Some might disagree with the decision, but the return of Major League baseball is exactly what Americans need right now. Sure, the Coronavirus is still raging on like crazy, but this country deserves to have a distraction from the everyday struggles that we all now face. 


Major League Baseball has had a long-standing history of being America's Pastime the sport has survived World War's, two Pandemic's, and a Great Depression. During those times, it was the guys like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, CY Young, and many others who offered the American people a sense of hope when all hope seemed to be lost. This go around, it will be the likeness of Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Xander Bogaerts, Jon Lester, and many more who will offer this country a much-needed distraction from the pandemic. 


Not to mention, baseball fans are more than eager to see how the teams approach the Houston Astros following the cheating scandal that came out during the off-season. Major League Baseball has gone as far as to ask teams not to peg the Astros batters whenever they might face them in the upcoming season. Things might get a bit testy for the Astros this season, as just about every team has placed a gigantic bullseye on their back. 


Sure, not having fans in attendance at the ballparks will be a tad bit weird for everybody who is used to the sport, but it will allow for families across the country to replicate their favorite ballpark traditions from home. The weirdness of it will help to create memories that will last a lifetime across generations to come. 


The world might seem like a gigantic mess right now, but at least baseball is back to offer up a bit of hope to each one of you. Sit back, fry a hot dog on the grill, and enjoy this weekend, with your family cheering on your favorite team, and get lost in the moment. It might not serve as a long term fix to all the problems we now face as a country, but having baseball back should give us all hope for a better future.






should give us hope for a better future. 

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