What to expect from a crazy SEC Tournament weekend in Nashville

March 11, 2020

Nashville, Tennessee: 



With much of the world talking about the coronavirus, it's hard to remember the fact that we still have an SEC Tournament to play. 


In some aspects, the SEC Tournament will be an escape from everyday reality for fans across the 14 universities that make up the Southeastern Conference, and for the residents of the Nashville area after last week's deadly tornado. 


As fans from around the southeast ascend in downtown Nashville, the storylines will be plentiful on lower Broadway. 


People will be talking about the coronavirus, and the effect it will have on the NCAA Tournament it's almost a given considering the craziness that has taken over the world. Sure, you might disagree or be as paranoid as the doomsday prepper that has been preparing for this outbreak for years, but one thing is for certain, people will be talking about the impact the virus will have on the NCAA Tournament. 


It's easy to get lost in all the craziness, but it's important to remember to sit back and enjoy the madness that has become the SEC Tournament. Nobody truly knows what the NCAA will do, so you the fans need to enjoy your team and enjoy the moment. The SEC Tournament could very well be the last time you see your team play this season. 


Second, you will probably see something about the recent Nashville tornadoes that tragically struck the area last week. The SEC has set up a relief fund to allow fans across the SEC to donate money and everyday needs that everyday people need. Fans across the Southeastern Conference have been known for the hospitality and their generous hearts, it's time for the fans to show the people of the 615 the power of the SEC. If you're able, be sure you stop by one of the kiosks and help Nashville out. 


Lastly, expect for college basketball to take center stage and for the craziness of the coronavirus to go away just for a couple of days. This upcoming SEC Tournament is about as wide open of a tournament as ever seen before. Much like the rest of the season, expect for the unexpected to happen. 


The SEC Tournament will get underway on Wednesday night with the two first-round matchups starting with Ole Miss and Georgia and ending with Vanderbilt and Arkansas. 


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