Vanderbilt uses Memorial Magic to upset LSU on Wednesday night

February 6, 2020





Nashville, Tennessee: 


After 27 straight SEC losses, it was about time for Vanderbilt to channel that inner Memorial Magic and upset a top 25 LSU team to regain a little momentum heading into the final half of the season. 


It's been a long two years since the saying Memorial Magic have made the ways around the Southeastern Conference. To the naked eye, Memorial Gymnasium might seem like a complete nightmare to play in as an opposing player, but Memorial has a certain vibe to it. Since 1952 Memorial has seen its share of great college basketball action. 


Memorial Gymnasium is the place in SEC basketball folklore where opposing dreams come to die. Wednesday night was no different, Vanderbilt welcomed the 18th ranked LSU Tigers to the West End for a Davis vs. Goliath type games. 


The Tigers came into Memorial undefeated in conference play and left with a goose egg on the record. From the opening tip-off, Vanderbilt dominated the Tigers the Commodores were able to lead for 35 whole minutes before eventually closing the deal on the Tigers to cap off a 99-90 win. 


Saben Lee put it best. 


“It’s been a long time.”


Vanderbilt fans will likely look back on Wednesday night and say, " That was the moment that this Commodore team turned the corner." Under a first-year Head Coach in Jerry Stackhouse, the future is bright for those on the West End of Nashville. 


As the Commodores turn the page on Wednesday night, it's important to remember and appreciate the beauty that is Memorial Magic. 


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