Expect the unexpected for the remainder of the SEC basketball season

January 22, 2020




Nashville, Tennessee: 


As teams across the Southeastern Conference prepare for the annual SEC/Big 12 challenge on Saturday, fans and media members alike have started to ask, what's next for the rest of the season in the SEC. 


With a season full of weird and unusual storylines, it's next to impossible to predict what will happen next within the SEC this season. Sure, LSU is undefeated so far in conference play, but that means absolutely nothing as each team prepares for the home stretch towards the SEC Tournament in Nashville. 


This season feels like the type of year where a winless team like Ole Miss or Vanderbilt could get hot and shock the entire conference in Nashville. Or this could be the type of year where a Kentucky team who lost to Evansville at home, could turn around and win the SEC and secure a top-four seed in the NCAA Tournament. The way this season has gone so far, this could be a year where a team like Alabama or Mississippi State could make a run and end up playing on Sunday with a championship on the line. 


So far, this SEC basketball season has been unlike anything that the conference has ever seen before. This college basketball has seen the weird, the unexpected, and the downright abnormal. 


As far as the rest of the season goes? Expect the unexpected. That's the beauty of the Southeastern Conference, each year it's something new. Sure, you'll always have Kentucky, Florida, and Alabama competing at a high level, but the SEC has come to full shape with the addition of several high-level coaching hires over the last few years. As this season progresses towards the SEC Tournament in Nashville, be sure to sit back and enjoy the ride and appreciate just how far the SEC has come in terms of college basketball. 

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