Top 10 QBs in the 2010s

December 20, 2019

As the decade is winding down, these are the Top Ten QBs of the 2010s in my opinion. 

10. Ben Roethlisberger 

Accolades: 5-Time Pro Bowler (2011, 2014-2017)

Big Ben has been great for so long but the 2010s might be the last time we ever see him. Injuries this decade are one of the reasons why he’s not higher on this list. Big Ben is a future Hall of Famer but doesn’t deserve to be higher on this list 


9. Matthew Stafford 

Accolades: 1-Time Pro Bowler (2014)

      Comeback Player of the Year (2011)

Why are you wondering why Stafford is on this list, well he doesn’t get the recognition because he plays in Detroit. Stafford has been one of the most underrated QBs all decade. His stats have been great this decade, but playing on the Lions he doesn’t win many games. If he gets traded to a team who needs a QB to become a Super Bowl contender watch out for Stafford next decade. 

8. Phillip Rivers

Accolades: 6-Time Pro Bowler (2010-2011, 2013, 2016-2018)

      Comeback Player of the Year (2013)

Phillip Rivers might go down as the best QB ever never to win a Super Bowl. He has performed great but has not been on the best teams in his career. He had some great seasons in the 2010s but his lack of team success is why this is lower on this list. Phillip Rivers is an all time great but not enough accolades to put him higher on this list. 

7. Cam Newton 

Accolades: 3-Time Pro Bowler (2011, 2013, 2015)

      Offensive Rookie of the Year (2011) 

      1-Time NFL MVP (2015)

      1-Time First Team All-Pro (2015) 

If only Cam Newton picked up that football in Super Bowl 50 he could have been higher on this list. Cam has been a star ever since he came into the league. But a lack of consistency each season did not put him higher on this list. Cam did have great years this decade but I think his best days are in the past. The last couple of years he was dealing with injuries and now people are questioning if he’ll ever play again. Cam Newton will always be a legend in the league. 

6. Matt Ryan 

Accolades: 4-Time Pro Bowler (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016) 

      Offensive Player of the Year (2016) 

      1-Time NFL MVP (2016) 

        First Team All-Pro (2016)

28-3. This is the legacy defining moment is the reason he doesn’t have a ring. Matt Ryan has been great this decade. He might have not been on the best teams but has the best stats during this time period. His 2016 Season will go down as one the best by a QB ever. Matt Ryan should be higher if they didn’t blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. 

5. Russell Wilson 

Accolades: 7-Time Pro Bowler (2012-2015, 2017-2019) 

      1-Time Super Bowl Champion (Super Bowl XLVIII)

Russell Wilson has been great since he came into the league in 2012. Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl in his second season which is crazy. He has been an MVP candidate for years. If they didn’t pass it on the 1 yard line he would have 2 rings right now and might be higher on the list. He has been great and expect him to carry this greatness into next decade. 

4. Peyton Manning 

Accolades: 4-Time Pro Bowler (2010, 2012-2014)

      NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2012)

      2 Time First Team All-Pro (2012-2013)

      1-Time MVP (2013)

      1-Time Super Bowl Champion (Super Bowl 50)

Wow, Peyton Manning with all these accolades is only 4th on this list, why? Well he only played 5 seasons this decade but he could be higher on this list depending on the person. He is an all-time great but with him being out all of the 2011 season and not playing in nearly half of the games in 2015 injuries plagued him this decade. Peyton had a great decade for only playing in half the seasons. 

3. Drew Brees 

Accolades: 9-Time Pro Bowler (2010-2014, 2016-2019)

      Offensive Player of the Year (2011) 

      2-Time Second Team All-Pro (2011, 2018) 

Why is Drew Brees above Peyton Manning you may ask, well Drew has played in every season in the 2010s but has broken every single one of Peyton Manning’s record this decade. If it wasn’t for 2 fluke plays in the last 2 playoff runs for the Saints he could have a ring this decade. Drew has been great but 2019 can be his last year we ever see him play. He might be the most underrated QB of All Time. 


2. Aaron Rodgers 

Accolades: 7-Time Pro Bowler (2011-2012, 2014-2016, 2018-2019) 

      2-Time First Team All-Pro (2011, 2014) 

      1-Time Second Team All-Pro (2012)

       2-Time NFL MVP (2011, 2014)

      1-Time Super Bowl Champion (XLV)

      1-Time Super Bowl MVP (XLV)

Aaron Rodgers might be Number 1 for this decade if it wasn’t for the guy at number 1. He has been great this decade with his incredible passes and his accolades. He is probably one of the greatest QB talents the league has ever seen. Aaron has dealt with a couple of injuries this decade but has come back strong the seasons after. Rodgers has been fun to watch and as his career comes to an end the 2010s will be his defining years in his career. 


1. Tom Brady

Accolades: 9-Time Pro Bowler (2010-2018)

      1-Time Offensive Player of the Year (2010) 

       2-Time First Team All-Pro (2010,2017) 

      1-Time Second Team All-Pro (2016) 

       2-Time NFL MVP (2010,2017)

       3-Time Super Bowl Champion (XLIX,LI, LIII) 

       2-Time Super Bowl MVP (XLIX,LI)

The obvious Number 1 choice, the GOAT himself Tom Brady. With him appearing in half of the Super Bowls this decade and winning three of them. Coming back from a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. There’s no debate about the number 1 QB this decade. He’s the GOAT and there’s no disproving this. 


Honorable Mentions: Andrew Luck, Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer 


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