Just Win... Or Don't

November 7, 2019



          I don’t know what else I can say. I don’t have a catchy theme or play on words this week. I honestly thought about just posting an article that only had a title of ‘just win… or don’t’. Everyone knew that going into the season that the N.C. State football program would be searching for an identity but here we are, eight games through the season and they still have no idea who they are.


          There have been multiple things which have contributed to this program struggling in 2019. Injuries continue to rack up, which has crippled the Wolfpack in key spots, the quarterback position has been a revolving door and the defense continues to give up 30+ points to opponents, even the sub .500 ones. As you can see, not an ideal situation for any program let alone one that is rebuilding with a young roster. Take all that into consideration and guess who comes to town this week. That’s right the defending national champion, the Clemson Tigers.


          Every State fan has seen this situation at some point in their N.C. State fandom and know the only two scenarios that will likely occur. Scenario A. A high-profile opponent comes to town and there are no expectations of State winning and somehow or another the Wolfpack pull off a miraculous win. Don’t let me confuse you, I am by no means predicting that N.C. State will win over Clemson. All I am saying that is I have seen this scenario happen before. Or there is Option B. A high-profile opponent comes to town and is expected to beat N.C. State and not only beats the Wolfpack but does it by 40+. Yes, I am sad to say that I have seen this scenario play out way too many times. Every Pack fan knows that there is no middle ground to hope for on Saturday it will either be one of these two scenarios.


          Clemson comes into this game ranked #5 in the College Football Playoff. The Tigers will certainly feel disrespected by the committee by being left out of the intital top 4 and have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove in Raleigh. This ranking of just outside of the College Football Playoff will be extra motivation for the Tigers to win and win big over NCSU to help boost their playoff resume. It also adds fuel to my argument that State will either defeat the #5 ranked team or be pummeled by them. Remember there is no middle ground here.


          Lastly, I know sports aren’t about what the fans want or clamor for and is more about the players and what the coaching staff feels is best. However, as a State fan, who has been through many and I mean many N.C. State heartaches, on Saturday either win or don’t. Don’t tug at our heart strings for 3 hours and then lose at the very end. I and the rest of Wolfpack Nation can’t repeat 2016 all over again.


          So, for the sake of everyone just win and shock the college football world or don’t.


          However, in the end, I know whether it be a stunning victory over #5 or being thumped by them, I’ll still be here in red and white with open arms.









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