5 Players that should be traded before the Trade Deadline

October 21, 2019

The NFL Trade Deadline is fast approaching and there are a few names bouncing around the rumor mill that might be traded. Are a few players that should be traded before or on October 29. 


AJ Green 

The Bengals suck and AJ Green is slowly coming back from his ankle injury. Rumors are saying that Bengals are not looking to trade him but if they want some future picks they should trade him. The Packers are a team that is rumored to have interest in in Green and they sure do need some help in that department. AJ Green and Aaron Rodgers would be a great pair. Remember the Packers also have Devante Adams too. 


Emmanuel Sanders 

Rumors in the last couple of days have said that the Broncos are open to trading Sanders. This would be the best for Sanders because Joe Flacco’s inconsistency throwing the ball is taking a burden on Sanders talent. A team I can see trying to trade for Sanders is the Raiders who do not have a great Receiver active right now. Sanders is the Receiver that Jon Gruden is looking for who can burn people deep. 


Kenyan Drake 

The Dolphins are ruining so many good players careers and Kenyan Drake is a great talent whose career is being wasted in Miami. If I were Kenyan Drake I would sit out for the rest of the year to just make sure he could get moved in the offseason if a trade does not happen. Any team who needs a second option at Running Back should take a look at getting Drake for a 4th or 5th round pick. 


Trent Williams 

Trent WIlliams is sitting out because he does not want to play for the Redskins. Smart move by him because the Redskins suck and the front office is probably the worst in the league. The Browns for trying to trade for Williams earlier in the week but the Redskins do not want to move Williams no matter the price. If I were John Dorsey I would keep harassing Bruce Allen and Dan Synder to trade him for a 1st round pick. 


Julio Jones 


Yes I know he just signed an extension with the Falcons but look at the Falcons. They have one of the worst defenses in the league and they are always playing from behind. The Falcons are wasting Julio’s prime with this terrible team and Julio should demand a trade to get out of Atlanta. Julio is a generational talent which shouldn’t waste anymore time in Atlanta and Arthur Blank should look to get rid of him if he wants the best for him. 


These are just a few guys that should try to get traded in the upcoming week. 

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