College Football Weekly Picks

September 20, 2019

It is the first week of the college football season with 3 big Top 25 games highlighted by the showdown in Athens between the Bulldogs and Fighting Irish. As we head into week 4 of our picks the standings are starting to shape up. Below are our picks to 5 of this weeks biggest games and the results through week 3. 


Leanna Ritter: 10

Covey Jones: 10

Ryan Melton: 10

Quincy Jean-Louis: 10

Matt Archie: 9

Evan butler: 9

Shaun Davis: 9

Samuel Woolard: 8

Ryan McCormick: 8

Jake Smith 7

Nick Ferens: 7

Caleb Bailey: 5

Jacob Dale Bruce: 4

Jared De Vore: 3















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