Madison Adams' Way Too Early NBA Power Rankings

July 18, 2019


The NBA season is still a few months out and with a few things still to get settled with free agency and trades I look at my way too early NBA Power Rankings for each conference. Feel free to tweet at me @immadisonadams and let me know where you agree or disagree!


Western Conference

  1. Los Angeles Lakers 

  2. Los Angeles Clippers 

  3. Denver Nuggets

  4. Utah Jazz

  5. Houston Rockets

  6. Portland Trail Blazers 

  7. Golden State Warriors 

  8. San Antonio Spurs 

  9. New Orleans Pelicans

  10. Oklahoma City Thunder 

  11. Dallas Mavericks 

  12. Sacramento Kings 

  13. Memphis Grizzlies 

  14. 14.Minnesota Timberwolves 

  15. Phoenix Suns


Eastern Conference

  1. Milwaukee Bucks 

  2. Philadelphia 76ers

  3. Brooklyn Nets

  4. Boston Celtics 

  5. Indiana Pacers 

  6. Miami Heat

  7. Toronto Raptors 

  8. Atlanta Hawks 

  9. Orlando Magic 

  10. Detroit Pistons 

  11. Chicago Bulls 

  12. Washington Wizards  

  13. New York Knicks

  14. Charlotte Hornets  

  15. Cleveland Cavaliers










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