Sandlot 901, a revolutionary idea

July 17, 2019

Memphis, Tennessee: 


On the eve of the inaugural Sandlot 901 battle camp, the buzz around the city of Memphis is contagious. Sandlot 901 will get underway on Wednesday, July 17th at Gagliano Field. 


Sandlot 901 is a revolutionary baseball camp that combines the best of travel ball and the best of independent baseball. 


What exactly is Sandlot 901, you might ask? Sandlot 901 is a one on one battle camp, where you take a pitcher and face off with the batter and let the best player win. 


Sandlot 901 is a weekly baseball camp that will not only help collegiate players hone their skills but also give kids across the midsouth an even playing on the baseball diamond. For 25 dollars a day, high school baseball players can come out and play in front of college coaches, be charted, and prove their dominance on the baseball field. 


Sandlot 901 will also work with high school coaches and college coaches on what the player needs to focus on while attending Sandlot 901. 


Founder of Sandlot 901, Doug Young had this to say about the revolutionary battle camp. 


" I wanted to give these kids an opportunity, to play baseball daily at an economical level. This is just a potential solution to the problem. Sandlot 901, will give kids a daily safe place to come and to play the game of baseball in a controlled environment. Sandlot 901 offers one on one competition to get live in-game reps to improve each kids skill set, it will also allow the kids to play in front of college coaches daily." 


Sandlot 901 will provide a safe and organized place for high school and college baseball players to come and to play the great game of baseball. Sandlot 901 is both affordable and a great option for kids who are not only involved in travel ball but also kids who just want to come out and play the game of baseball at a high level with the chance of earning a college scholarship. 


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