Dear Dad

June 15, 2019


Dear Dad, 


Man oh man where to even begin when writing about the man who raised you and ultimately is your hero. How do you put into words what your Dad means to you and how he has shaped you as a man in everything from our Faith, work ethic, and our shared love for sports. 


First, I want to start this open letter by describing who my Dad is and what he has taught me in my short 22 years on this earth. 


Like many Dads out there, my dad is one of the most hardworking men out there. With that being said, my Dad is the type of guy to get the job done but also treat his employees with the respect that many would dream of having in a boss. My Dad is the manager that takes lunch with " his people" as he calls them, he's also the guy to drop everything he has going on just to listen to his employee's problems to only help them with life. 





My Dad is also a strong man of Faith. My Dad, a son of a preacher, loves his Church Family and values the time he is able to spend with those people. My Dad is considered the " Cool" Dad of the Church for his involvement with just about everything from Kids and Youth Camp to his coaching abilities in Church League Basketball.  Yes, the same Church League where my Dad has only lost three games total in his ten years of coaching. 


I hear former players of his talk about the Godly leadership that my Dad led his teams with on and off the court and I think that speaks volumes as to who my dad truly is. My dad loves God, loves his family, and loves Sports and usually, those three coexist together in our everyday life. 


Last but certainly not least my Dad loves his Kentucky Wildcats and anybody who has the opportunity to meet him will automatically notice that about him. At a young age ( three months) my Dad and I started going to Kentucky Wildcat sporting event, with the biggest one of those being our yearly trip to Rupp Arena to see some basketball team play. Dad " brainwashed"  me as some might say when I was young that when Kentucky was on that we were to watch the game together and take in the spectacle that is Kentucky Basketball. In fact, some of my fondest memories with my Dad came at Kentucky sporting events. 


Some of those memories include, my ever trip to the SEC Tournament, driving all the way to Columbia, Missouri on a random Saturday morning just to go see our Wildcats take on the Mizzou Tigers which actually ended up in a miracle Kentucky Football win. Some more of those include our yearly random Kentucky Football road trip to a place that we have never been before, my Dad and I have not only seen a large chunk of the Southeastern Conference but also around in other conferences. Which in itself is a pretty incredible feat, with that being said those yearly road trips are truly the best. 


Sure, Dad is a hard worker but he always finds the time to spend time with his family, travel, and to all around be a " cool Dad". 


Lastly, to my Dad, Thank you. Thank you for raising me to love the Lord, to work hard, to value family, love sports, and overall to be a good man. Your Godly example has not only had an impact on my life but several others along the way. Without your daily example, I would not be half the man I am today and I forever grateful for that. 


I love you, Dad. 







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