Day 1 Draft Grades

April 26, 2019


As the Day 1 of the Draft Ends here are my Grades for every pick in the 1st round. 


Arizona Cardinals 

1st Overall Pick Kyler Murray 

Grade: B

After all the talk, it finally comes true Kyler Murray is finally a Arizona Cardinal.The reason I gave the Cardinals a B for picking him is what are they now going to do with Josh Rosen now? Are they going to trade him or keep him to compete with with Kyler. We'll find out in the next couple of days. 


San Fransisco 49ers 


2nd Overall Pick Nick Bosa 

Grade: A+ 

The Niners get the best overall player in the draft in Nick Bosa. He immediatly boosts their D-Line and gives them one hell of a pass rush. Rumors are going around that they might trade Solomon Thomas or Arik Armstead to make sure Nick Bosa has a starting spot on this team. 


New York Jets 

3rd Overall Pick Quinnen Williams 

Grade: A+ 

The second best player in the draft goes to the Jets and gives Gregg Williams a nice piece on the D-Line. The Jets went out and got the best player available. If they get some pieces for Sam Darnold on the offensive end of the team. 


Oakland Raiders 

4th Overall Pick Clelin Ferrell 

24th Overall Pick Josh Jacobs 

27th Overall Pick Jonathan Abram 

Grade: C+

With a reach at number 4, this brings down the Raiders draft grade down a lot. I like the pick of Josh Jacobs as they get a replacement for Marshawn Lynch. Jonathan Abram could be a nice piece in the secondary next to Karl Joesph. The future is bright in Oakland if Clelin Ferrell becomes a great pick at number 4. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


5th Overall Pick Devin White 

Grade: A 

The Buccanneers get their replacement for Kwon Alexander in Devin White. Devin White is a great piece for Bruce Arians defense for his first year in Tampa. The Buccaneers need to find some pieces for their secondary in the next rounds, maybe they get Greedy Williams? 


New York Giants 


6th Overall Pick Daniel Jones  

17th Overall Pick Dexter Lawrence 

30th Overall Pick DeAndre Baker 

Grade: B+ 

With a shocker at number 6, Daniel Jones looks to be the next QB of the New York Football Giants. I think Eli had a say who his replacement is and he chose of course Daniel Jones who had the same college coach. Dexter Lawerence was a good pick for the Giants. I did not think the Giants would have 3 first round picks but trading back in for Baker was a great move as the Giants need a corner has Jenkins gets up there in age. 


Jacksonville Jaguars 

7th Overall Pick Josh Allen 

Grade: A+ 

I did not think the Jaguars would take Josh Allen if he slipped to them, but I thought wrong. The Jags get a great pass-rusher that should of went top 5. The Jaguars are going all-in on this defense so this move makes sense. 


Detriot Lions 

8th Overall Pick TJ Hockenson 

Grade: B+ 

The Lions went out in got Matt Stafford a weapon for him in the pass game. The last time they drafted a Tight End in the first round it did not work out for them so well. Hopefully Hockenson could be a great fit for Detriot as they try to make a move towards the playoffs. 


Buffalo Bills 

9th Overall Pick Ed Oliver 

Grade: A+ 

A talent like Ed Oliver would never fall out of the top 3 in any other draft class but this is no ordinary class. This means Oliver slides right into Buffalo's lap and they get a great replacement for Kyle Williams who recently retired. 


Pittsburgh Steelers

10th Overall Pick Devin Bush 

Grade: C+ 

The Steelers traded up with the Broncos to make sure they secured Devin Bush. I thought Devin Bush would have been around for the Steelers orignial pick at 20 but I guess not. He is a good pick but I did not think he would of went top 10 in this draft. 


Cincinnati Bengals 


11th Overall Pick Jonah Williams 

Grade: A- 

The Bengals get a great player to protect Andy Dalton or whoever their QB might be in the future with Williams. He can play where ever on the line and this could be great for the Bengals as they have had one of the worst O-Lines in the league. 


Green Bay Packers 

12th Overall Pick Rashan Gary 

21st Overall Pick Darnell Savage Jr

Grade: B 

Picking Rashan Gary was a great pick for the Packers but trading up to get Darnell Savage was a little bit of a stretch. Rashan Gary has some injury concerns but can make an imediate impact on the Packers D-Line. 


Miami Dolphins 

13th Overall Pick Christian Wilkins 

Grade: A- 

The Dolphins got a great D-Lineman to help their rebuild out. Christian Wilkins could come in and be a leader for the locker room right away. People were speculating that the Dolphins would trade back or take a QB. 


Atlanta Falcons 

14th Overall Pick Chris Lindstrom 

31st Overall Pick Kaleb McGary 

Grade: A

The Falcons got O-Line to protect Matt Ryan for the next 4 to 5 years. A lot of people thought they would draft a D-Lineman to either get next to Grady Jarrett or eventually replace him. 


Washington Redskins 

15th Overall Pick Dwayne Haskins 

26th Overall Pick Montez Sweat 

Grade: B+ 

The Redskins got lucky with Dwayne Haskins slipping because people thought the Redskins would trade up for him. Montez Sweat fell down a lot because of a Heart Condition that was not diagnosed right. The Redskins might have got themselves steals in this 1st round.


Carolina Panthers 

16th Overall Pick Brian Burns 

Grade: C 

I wasn't very high on this pick but the Panthers did get a need in a pass-rusher. As a Panthers fan I am very disappointed in this pick. I much rather have had a O-Lineman to protect Cam. We'll see how this pick works out. 


Minnesota Vikings 

18th Overall Pick Garrett Bradbury 

Grade: A 

The Vikings addressed a issue with their team with drafting Garrett Bradbury they get a guy who can come in and make an impact immediately. 


Tennessee Titans 

19th Overall Pick Jeffrey Simmons 

Grade: A+ 

A guy who was suppose to go top 5 but fell because of a torn ACL. He can sit for a year and the Titans would be fine. He can be a redshirt rookie next year and have a year in a NFL Offseason program to recover. 


Denver Broncos 

20th Overall Pick Noah Fant 

Grade: A

A lot of people thought the Broncos would select Drew Lock in the first round but they went out and got Joe Flacco a weapon in Noah Fant is a physically gifted TE. I still think the Broncos trade up and select Drew Lock in the second round. 


Philadelphia Eagles 


22nd Overall Pick Andre Dillard

Grade: A

The Eagles get their eventual replacement for Jason Peters in Andre Dillard. He can sit for a year and learn and could be a piece for the Eagles Line for a long time 


Houston Texans

23rd Overall Pick Tytus Howard 

Grade: B+ 

The Texans went out an addressed a major flaw with their team in their O-Line. I thought they could of select Cody Ford or Jawaan Taylor but Howard could be the guy they are looking for. 


Baltimore Ravens 

25th Overall Pick Marquise Brown 

Grade: A

The Ravens went out and got Lamar Jackson a weapon. Marquise Brown could be the Ravens are looking for because they have lacked a Number 1 guy since Steve Smith left. 


Los Angeles Chargers 

28th Overall Pick Jerry Tillery 

Grade: B 

I thought the Chargers would get DT in the draft but I didn't think they would get Tillery. He can be the piece the Chargers are looking for to help them make a run at the Super Bowl. 


Seattle Seahawks 

29th Overall Pick L.J. Collier 

Grade: B- 

The Seahawks draft their replacement for Frank Clark for a guy who I thought would of would of been available in the second round for them. The Seahawks could be a team that could make a run in the playoffs. 


New England Patriots 


32nd Overall Pick N'Keal Harry 

Grade: A+ 

The Patriots got TB12 a weapon here in N'Keal Harry. A lot of draft analyst thought they should of got DK Metcalf with this pick but they got a guy who Tom Brady liked. Bill Belichick doesn't make stupid picks. 


Teams that didn't pick in the 1st Round 

Los Angeles Rams 

Dallas Cowboys 

Chicago Bears

Kansas City Chiefs

New Orleans Saints 

Cleveland Browns 

Indianpolis Colts


Big Names still available

Greedy Williams 

Jawaan Taylor 

Drew Lock 

Will Grier 

Cody Ford 

DK Metcalf 

AJ Brown

Dalton Risner

Byron Murphy 

Hakeem Butler

Nassir Adderly 



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