Trades that could happen this weekend during the NFL Draft

April 23, 2019

As we are close to Day 1 of the NFL Draft, here are a few moves that I think can happen. 


Raiders trade up to get Kyler Murray 




I have a feeling that the Cardinals are using Kyler Murray rumors for someone who loves Kyler Murray will trade up. I have a feeling that Jon Gruden and the Raiders will trade up to draft Kyler Murray and find a new home for Derek Carr. With this trade it helps provide help for the eventual move to Vegas.


Potential Deal:

Raiders Receive: 1st overall pick 

Cardinals Receive: 4th overall pick, 24th overall pick, and 2019 6th round pick 


Broncos trade up to secure Drew Lock 


I really don't think the Broncos are sold on Joe Flacco on being their QB for the next season. I think John Elway wants a young guy with potential to be their QB for the foreseeable future. The Buccaneers who might be looking to trade down as all of the top pass-rushers have gone off the board. The Bucs might be able to secure some pieces to help their rebuild go along faster. 


Potential Deal: 

Broncos Receive: 5th Overall pick 

Buccaneers Receive: 10th Overall Pick, 2019 third round pick, and 2020 second round pick 


Patriots trade up to secure a top Tight End 


After losing Gronk to retirement the Patriots need to find his replacement in the draft. TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant are considered the top 2 Tight Ends in this draft class. The Patriots need to trade up in order to get one of the top guys. 


Potential Deal: 

Patriots Receive: 12th Overall Pick 

Packers Receive: 32th Overall Pick, 2020 First Round Pick, and 2019 Third Round Pick 


Derek Carr to Miami 



After trading up for Kyler Murray, the Raiders want to look to ship Derek Carr out. The Dolphins who a lot of people think they are going to "tank" the 2019 season away. After finally getting rid of Ryan Tannehill out of South Beach, the Dolphins need to find a new starting QB. They did acquire Ryan Fitzpatrick in Free Agency but he is not the long-term solution at QB especially how he came to Offseason workouts. 


Potential Deal:

Dolphins: Derek Carr 

Raiders: 2019 second round pick and 2020 second round pick 












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