2019 Sweet 16 Teams as Characters from The Office

March 26, 2019

We have reached the second weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament and are at the third round better known as the "Sweet 16". Your favorite team may still be in or maybe they lost or maybe they didn't even make the tournament. Regardless of where your team is at right now I have decided to break down the remaining field to try to help us all understand each team better. The best way I knew how to do this was by comparing each team to The Office which I also did last year. I tried to give an explanation of why each team is which character, some are based on basketball related reasons, some based around players or coaches and some based on the school itself. Regardless, I know you will have a problem with at least a few of them so feel free to tweet at me and let me know how you would have them @Ryanmcc09.


Duke - Andy Bernard

Duke is a preppy rich kid school, or at least has that reputation. Andy Bernard also has that reputation and while he did go to Cornell, I feel that he would fit in well at Duke. A lot of people aren't huge fans of Andy just like how a lot of people hate Duke. Regardless of your thoughts you still like to watch both of them because they are exciting and sure to put on a show. Duke also may just end up on top like how Andy did near the end of the show.


Virginia Tech - Roy Anderson

Virginia Tech isn't a team that is around all that often at this point in the tournament just like how Roy wasn't a character that you heard from too often. Tech is also a hard nosed gritty team just like Roy's character who isn't afraid to get rough and pick a fight. Like Roy, Virginia Tech is likely to leave the show early as they are looking like they will have a tough few games coming up (although I hope I'm wrong).


LSU - Todd Packer

Baton Rouge is an interesting place and like Todd Packer it is always lit and ready to party. Not only do I think Todd would fit in well at LSU and the reputation they have of liking to party but I think Todd Packer has done a few illegal things in his days just like how LSU may be busted soon for some things they weren't supposed to do.


Michigan State - Angela Martin

I'm really doing this based off of the video of Tom Izzo yelling at his player from earier in the week which I have no problem with. However, when I see that video I think of Angela Martin yelling at Kevin or Dwight about something. Michigan State is also a hard nosed tough team that wont be pushed around just like Angela.


Gonzaga- David Wallace

Gonzaga is a team that you don't really hear about much during the second half of the season because they rarely have big games in conference play. They are just up in Washington tucked away getting work done like David Wallace at corporate. Gonzaga is a very good team just like how David is a very good executive (I think) and Gonzaga is likely to tell a few teams in March each year to Suck ITTM.


Florida State - Gabe Lewis

The obvious one here is that FSU is located in Tallahassee which is where Gabe spends a good amount of time at various points. The Seminoles program has also come on late like Gabe did in the show and you really aren't sure of him just like how you may feel about the Noles. 


Texas Tech - Creed Bratton

Texas Tech is probably the biggest wild card left in my opinion. Based on what we have seen so far I know a lot of people who think they can go all the way and a lot that see them losing this round. Creed is also a wild card and you never really know what's going to happen with him and not to mention that Creed is the modern day equivalent of a Red Raider.


Michigan - Oscar Martinez

Michigan is known as a smart school, one of the best public colleges in the nation they have a reputation of being a good academic school which is perfect for Oscar who is the office know it all. Michigan is also a mature and fundamentally sound team that usually gets the job done just like Oscar.


Virginia - Phyllis Vance

Phyllis is a character that to most people is sort of boring and maybe kind of annoying to watch. Virginia's style of play can be similar being a slow paced team that likes to play defense and drag out possessions. Phyllis however becomes one of the top characters as the show goes on and if Virginia can avoid slip ups they may be able to find their own Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration.


Oregon - Kevin Malone

Oregon is like Kevin because just like Kevin, the Ducks are a big underdog with little expectation. Most people at this point are probably pulling for the Ducks to do well just like how people want to see Kevin succeed but in both instances we all have low expectations. 


Purdue - Pam Halpert

Purdue is a team that I think is quietly rising up the charts of best remaining teams. They have had some good moments so far but are starting to get better and better just like how Pam did towards the 3rd and 4th season. If the Boilermakers can keep it up they could end up as a Star just like Pam.


Tennessee - Stanley Hudson

Tennessee is one of the most veteran teams remaining which fits well with Stanley being one of the most veteran teams left. Most of the time you don't expect the Vols to do much in the tournament but this team is different and if Tennessee can keep it up they could end up making this Pretzel Day. Let's just hope that Tennessee can dribble better than Stanley.



North Carolina - Dwight Schrute

North Carolina is a very good program with a history of being near the top just like Dwight who has won salesman of the month for 13 of the past 12 months. I think a lot of people aren't sure if they like North Carolina or not at this point just like how people feel with Dwight early on in the show. Like Dwight, North Carolina is a real contender to be one of the top teams in the Tournament's end.


Auburn - Jim Halpert

Jim was a character that you tend to like and I think Auburn is a very likable team at this point based on their style of play. The Tigers weren't really seen as a serious team early on just like how Jim isn't a serious guy that often but when its time to get things done both Jim and the Tigers are proving they can do it!


Houston - Ryan Howard

Houston is sort of an up and coming program just like how a young Ryan Howard rose from being a temp to the VP of the company. Houston is a team that people aren't 100% sure about yet but they do have potential to be up there and if the Cougars can finish business school they could end up at the top.


Kentucky - Michael Scott

Kentucky is one of the top programs in the country just like how Michael Scott is the top dog in the office. you still don't know how good they are but somehow the Cats are still here just like how Michael never gets fired for the hundreds of fireable offenses he commits. As long as Kentucky can avoid leaving early like Michael they will have a very good finish.

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