The Overrated Chant is...Overrated

February 18, 2019

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a crowd chants that a player or team is overrated and thus makes a mockery of themselves and their fanbases. The "overrated" *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* chant is ranked in the top 5 worst of all time along with "U-G-L-Y" and other various moronic showcases of cacophony. 


In other words, chanting "overrated" is the same thing as screaming "we just beat you and we're not that good so you must suck."


Saturday night as number 5 Kentucky beat the brakes off of number 1 Tennessee, Kentucky fans in attendance at Rupp Arena decided to chant "overrated" at the Volunteer squad. Kentucky head coach John Calipari then proceeded to have an absolute conniption flailing his arms wildly in the air and yelling back at the crowd "NO!" to which they obliged. 

Chanting that a team is "overrated" cheapens the value of your team's win. Calipari knows that and he also knows that he must quell any chants of this matter to prevent his fanbase from looking like total idiots in the event that Kentucky loses to Tennessee in Knoxville when they face off with them for a rematch on March 2nd. 



"Overrated" doesn't look good on anyone, try not to cringe when watching the following videos. 



Ok, Louisville has an 18-30 overall record against the SEC what are they doing?





Obviously, Louisville ended up losing this game 47-21. One year later they fired their seedy head coach, finished last in the ACC, and went 2-10 overall. Time is a flat circle. 



Tennessee is new to having somewhat of a pulse in college football again. In their first year removed from having a garbage can serve as a metaphorical symbol for their performance, the Volunteers were unable to make it to a bowl game (not for Ole Miss reasons) and finished last in the SEC East. 



12 hours later LSU was pronounced dead at the hands of the Alabama defense 29-0. In lieu of flowers they ask that fans and boosters donate money to their billboard program for targeting awareness. 



In 2017 Auburn fans chanted this after Auburn defeated number one ranked Georgia at home. Auburn proceeded to defeat Alabama in the Iron Bowl only to lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Alabama and Georgia both made it into the College Football Playoff while Auburn faced off against UCF in the Peach Bowl. UCF defeated Auburn in the Peach Bowl and became insufferable by claiming a national championship and not shutting up about it. After losing to the fictitious Disney World national champs, Auburn watched as their two biggest rivals Alabama and Georgia faced off the the actual National Championship Game. Alabama ended up winning. Yikes. 



The change of tone in this video is my favorite three act play.



*bat hits ball* "OOH"



Let's all be realistic. Most Reds fans would give up their first born child for Bryce Harper to play for them. 




After beginning the overrated chant, Chad from Simple Apple Pie said that his intramural basketball team could beat Trae Young. I'm sure they would, Chad. We can't wait to see your NBA career take off. 


Thank god Kentucky has a coach like John Calipari to stop idiocy in its tracks. If only these other fanbases had coaches stop them in time before they made complete fools of themselves. This won't be the last of the "overrated" chant, but it is my fervent hope that the more articles I make trashing the chant, the less we end up hearing it. 




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