Ranking the Alliance of American Football Uniforms

February 11, 2019


The Alliance of American Football caught the nation by storm this weekend in its inaugural weekend of play featuring its 8 teams. The Saturday night match ups did so well that they had higher TV ratings than the Oklahoma City vs Houston NBA game that was being played on ABC at the same time. With the new league there were a lot of good things and a lot of bad thing I heard said but I saw a lot of talk about the new uniforms from people saying they really like them and also people saying they looked JV (yes I'm talking about Kirk Herbstreit). With that I have decided to give my opinions on them and rank them from worst to best in the list below! Most of the teams have an alternate home and road jersey so I will just rank based on their main jersey shown on the AAF website.


8) San Antonio Commanders

There's nothing I hate about these, there's just nothing I like about them. These uniforms are very simple and not super creative. The name Commanders also doesn't seem very original like most of the other teams in this league. The Helmet is pretty cool with the alternating colors but the jerseys remind me of a jersey I would see in a tv show or commercial when they have to be really cheap and not use a real team for copyright purposes. 


7) Arizona Hotshots

I'm gonna be honest, I think Phoenix is a terrible city for this league. Phoenix is not a great sports town and already has all 4 major sports. I like Birmingham and Memphis and Salt Lake City and smaller markets where there may only be 1 pro team but Phoenix doesn't make sense other than its warm. That being said I do like the name Hotshots, however I don't really know what's going on here. The yellow and red makes sense for Hotshots but the green just throws me completely off. I also think it would have been cooler to use flames instead of firemen axes but that's just my opinion. A lot more creative than San Antonio, I just don't know how I feel about the green and the logo.


6) Atlanta Legends

Atlanta, like Phoenix surprises me since it also has a lot of other sporting options, I think they should have put this team somewhere else. Since they are in Atlanta I kinda wish they would have stayed with the Atlanta sports theme of red here, the purple and gold is kinda strange to me. I think it looks good together and fits the king vibe they are going for but why didn't they name themselves the emperors or royals or something. I don't hate them by any means I just think they could have done a little better in some areas.



5) San Diego Fleet

This is one where I really like the design of the uniforms and the logo. I also like how they tie it in to something local since the Navy has a huge presence in San Diego. I think the only thing keeping them from being higher is the yellow. I don't hate the yellow I just with they would have done more of the black and charcoal color. Like I said, really like the design they look really tough but the yellow just takes a little away from the toughness in my opinion.



4) Orlando Apollos

I know I'm probably biased because a lot of my favorite teams have a blue and orange combination but I think these look really sharp. I really like the helmets and the logo and how simple they are yet fairly sharp. I know some of these look like jerseys you would make on the creative mode on madden with random things here and there but these are simple and sharp. I'm honestly not sure if they have a full blue jersey or not because this is what they wore in their home opener last night and what they had on the website. I would like to see a full color jersey which is why I'm not moving them any higher than this.



3) Birmingham Iron

These are sharp. When I saw them come out in these uniforms today I knew they were going to win. I love everything about this. Iron is a perfect nickname for a blue collar city like Birmingham and black and gray is a perfect color combination. I'm glad they didn't try to do too much and add some other colors in there because the dark black look is perfect for what they have going here. 



2) Salt Lake Stallions

These are sharp looking, with the logo, the colors and the design I really like these. At first I wanted to put the full horse logo on the helmet but I think what they did was even better with just the lines. I love the dark blue/light blue/ light gray combination for this and the design like Birmingham and Orlando is very simple yet flashy. I'm not sure if they would every add other jerseys but an all blue with gray pants would look sick. That being said I have no complaints with what they have at the moment.


1) Memphis Express

From what I have seen around this was the consensus favorite uniform. The helmet is perfect with the plane and the fading colors. Red and blue is always a great combination and I like how they have a good balance of it in these uniforms. They came out in their road white ones which also look sharp as well. Honestly any of the top 3 I have on this list in my opinion could make a strong argument but this one edges the others out slightly in my opinion!



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