The Ten Best College QB's of the 21st Century

January 24, 2019

The other day on our @NoHuddle_CFB page we had a poll asking the fans who was the best college QB of the past 20 years? After seeing the tremendous response and arguments in the comments we decided to have our team give our thoughts on it. We had 11 of our writers pick who we thought were the best by ranking a group of 17 quarterbacks and then taking the ten best from the average scores. We simply said "who is the best college QB" not the best career, or best season or best stats, just in our opinion who we thought was the best. The team decided consists of the following along with who they had as their top 3:


Ryan McCormick (@Ryanmcc09).     1.Tebow 2.Newton 3. Mayfield

Ryan Melton (@Ryan4Melton)            1.Tebow 2.Mariota 3. Watson

JD Pickell (@jdpickell)                        1.Tebow 2.Newton 3.Manziel

Evan Butler (@Evanhockey14)           1.Mayfield 2.Tebow 3.Mariota

Matt Archie (@mattarchie10)              1.Tebow 2.Newton 3. Young

Jacob Dale Bruce (@Shake_anJake) 1.Mayfield 2.Jackson 3.Tebow

Michael Carano (@michaelcarano8)  1.Mayfield 2.Young 3.Tebow

Covey Jones (@datguy_covey)          1.Newton 2.T Smith 3.Young

Caden Rodriguez (@lifeofcaden)       1.Newton 2.Watson 3.Tebow

Quincy Jean-Louis (@atl_q0)              1.Tebow 2.Watson 3.Young

Shea Brenneman (@Sheabooskyy)    1.Newton 2.Tebow 3.Manziel


As you can see from our list, Tim Tebow(5), Cam Newton(3) and Baker Mayfield(3) held all of the first place votes with guys like Deshaun Watson, Johnny Manziel, and Vince young all appearing in the top 3 a few times respectively.


How we determined the winner is this: We collectively came up with a list of 17 candidates that we felt had an argument to be in the top ten and we ranked them 1-17. If you were ranked the best you got 1 point and the worst you got 17 points and everything in between. Then we added each players points and the fewest points win. To show how close or how far off certain players were I went ahead and put the total points next to each player below. As always I'm sure you won't agree with our list so feel free to DM us at @_NoHuddleSports or @NoHuddle_CFB to tell us your top ten list.


**Just a disclaimer, we did not take into consideration players whose careers started in the 1990's (sorry Mike Vick) or players who played in the 2018 season since thier career may not be over!


Just missed (Honorable Mentions)

13. Robert Griffin III - Baylor (121 Total Points)

12. Colt McCoy - Texas (120 Total Points)

11. Lamar Jackson - Louisville (114 Total Points


Top Ten


10. Sam Bradford - Oklahoma (110 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 604/893. 8,403 yds. 88 TD. 16 INT

Rushing: 77 att. 36 yd. 5 TD 



9. Matt Leinart - USC (109 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 807/1,245. 10,693 yds. 99 TD. 23 INT

Rushing: 132 att. -70 yds. 9 TD



8. Jameis Winston - FSU (105 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 562/851. 7,964 yds. 65 TD. 28 INT

Rushing: 145 att. 284 yds. 7TD



7. Marcus Mariota - Oregon (76 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 779/1,167. 10,796. 105 TD. 14 INT

Rushing: 337 att. 2,237 yds. 29 TD.



6. Vince Young - Texas (74 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 444/718. 6,040 yds. 44 TD. 28 INT.

Rushing: 457 att. 3,127 yds. 37 TD



5. Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M (71 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 595/863. 7,820 yds. 63 TD. 22 INT.

Rushing: 345 att. 2,169 yds. 30 TD



4. Deshaun Watson - Clemson (53 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 814/1,207. 10,168 yds. 90 TD. 32 INT.

Rushing: 435 att. 1,934 yds. 26 TD



3. Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma (53 Total Points, wins tie breaker with Watson due to more 1st place votes)


Career Stats

Passing: 1,026/1,497. 14,607 yds. 131 TD. 30 INT.

Rushing: 404 att. 1,083 yds. 21 TD.



2. Cam Newton - Auburn (44 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 191/292. 2,908. 30 TD. 7 INT.

Rushing: 285 att. 1,586 yds. 24 TD.



1. Tim Tebow - Florida (27 Total Points)


Career Stats

Passing: 661/995 9,285 yds. 88 TD. 16 INT.

Rushing: 692 att. 2,947 yds. 57 TD

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