New Year's Resolutions for every NBA team

December 30, 2018

2019 is only days away, and it’s that time of the year where we try to better ourselves by (trying) to complete New Year’s Resolutions. This also applies to all the teams in the NBA, as there's at least something every team can do to better themselves this coming year. Here’s every New Year's Resolution.


Atlanta Hawks- Get better 3-pt shooting from Trae Young


Boston Celtics- Pick up the team pace


Brooklyn Nets- Give Jarrett Allen more minutes


Charlotte Hornets- Trade Kemba Walker for A LOT


Chicago Bulls- Make Wendell Carter the vocal point of the offense


Cleveland Cavaliers- Tank for Zion

Dallas Mavericks- Get Luka Doncic a running mate


Denver Nuggets- Trade for Kemba Walker


Detroit Pistons- Hold players more accountable


Golden State Warriors- Ignore the Kevin Durant drama


Houston Rockets- Help James Harden dominate again

Indiana Pacers- Score more points


LA Clippers- Keep feeding Danilo Gallinari


LA Lakers- Make the Pelicans an offer they can't refuse for Anthony Davis


Memphis Grizzlies- Get rid of Chandler Parsons’ awful contract


Miami Heat- Acquire some high end talent

 Milwaukee Bucks- Let Giannis run wild


Minnesota Timberwolves- Tear it down and build around Karl-Anthony Towns


New Orleans Pelicans- Find some way to keep Anthony Davis


New York Knicks- Tank for Zion


Oklahoma City Thunder- Keep up the stellar defense


Orlando Magic- Get better production out of the bench

 Philadelphia 76ers- Give Markelle Fultz a fresh start by trading him


Phoenix Suns- Let the young guys play


Portland Trail Blazers- Keep up the offensive rebounding


Sacramento Kings- Make a trade for a rising star


San Antonio Spurs- Rebuild

Toronto Raptors- Get and stay healthy


Utah Jazz- Get Donovan Mitchell to play like he did last year


Washington Wizards- End the in-house drama

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