Every NHL team’s wish list for Santa

December 25, 2018

Christmas may be over but as the NHL finds itself in its holiday break, there is certainly still some shopping going on across the U.S and Canada. 


Here is the top item from every NHL team’s Christmas list.



Anaheim Ducks: A new coach


Arizona Coyotes: A new arena


Boston Bruins: Some kind of consistency


Buffalo Sabres: A second Jeff Skinner



Calgary Flames: A division banner


Carolina Hurricanes: A Whalers jersey


Chicago Blackhawks: Anything that will help


Colorado Avalanche: Rantanen, MacKinnon, and Landeskog but with the ability to stay on the ice for the whole game



Columbus Blue Jackets: Cannon blanks


Dallas Stars: Something green probably


Detroit Red Wings: Mike Babcock, Joe Louis Arena, or anything from 2009


Edmonton Oilers: A first overall pick


Florida Panthers: Attendance



Los Angeles Kings: Not Ilya Kovalchuk


Minnesota Wild: To get passed the first round


Montreal Canadiens: A decent powerplay


Nashville Predators: A banner that’s worth something


New Jersey Devils: Another one for one trade with Edmonton



New York Islanders: Nassau Coliseum


New York Rangers: A faster rebuild


Ottawa Senators: A Lyft gift card and defense


Philadelphia Flyers: Gritty merchandise



Pittsburgh Penguins: All of the players that we had to trade away after our repeat


San Jose Sharks: Christmas came early for us back in September so socks are good


St. Louis Blues: Goals please




Toronto Maple Leafs: That defenseman that’s going to allow us to choke in the Final instead of just flat out losing in the first round


Vancouver Canucks: Anything Elias Pettersson wants



Vegas Golden Knights: A really long and expensive pregame show


Washington Capitals: A repeat


Winnipeg Jets: Weather that isn’t cold… Oh and a Stanley Cup Final appearance


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