Ranking Every New NBA "Earned" Jerseys

December 17, 2018

The NBA and Nike have done an excellent job of supplying us fans with fresh, new jersey designs for each of our favorite teams ever since they switched over to Nike a couple of seasons ago. This season, each of last season’s playoff teams were given new special jerseys that will be debuted during the NBA’s Christmas Day games. These new jersey’s help bring the past and the present together with some pretty cool designs. Here’s our ranking of every one of these new jerseys.


1) Miami Heat


- Absolutely love the GTA Vice City design of this jersey. The pink main color also makes the Miami part of the jersey pop. 











2) Toronto Raptors


- This jersey design basically makes it go from black to red, and I don't mind it one bit. 















3) Oklahoma City Thunder


- It's basically the Thunder's third jersey from the past couple of seasons, but it's still very nice. 


















4) Indiana Pacers


- The colors make this one of my favorites, which is normal for Pacers jerseys in general. Love the simplicity too.











5) Cleveland Cavaliers


- Honestly didn't think highly of this jersey until I looked at it a few times. The baby blue was an interesting choice, but it actually works pretty well.







6) Minnesota Timberwolves


- Love these things, even though pink has nothing to do with their current branding.









7) Boston Celtics


- Always a fan of Boston's jerseys, not so much their team (them damn Knicks).








8) Houston Rockets

- Regular solid jersey here for Houston, clean and simple.













9) Golden State Warriors


- I think the gold base actually makes the jersey better than any jersey with the same design.













10) Philadelphia 76ers


- It's very similar to Philly's "city" jerseys, they're ok.












11) Portland Trail Blazers


- I do like the font on the RipCity (and the fact that it uses the Portland nickname). Also the red stripe gives it a nice touch.











12) San Antonio Spurs


- Would've like to see a better design than this, but the winter camo does work a bit.












13) Washington Wizards


- Not really sure what it is about this jersey, but I just don't like it.












14) Utah Jazz


- Really don't understand why green is a color of choice for the Jazz. WE NEED A REMASTERED PURPLE MOUNTAIN JERSEY NOW!











15) New Orleans Pelicans


- Never was a fan of the Pelicans jerseys since they moved, and it's more of the same for this.
















16) Milwaukee Bucks


- Just no.

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