The Five Best 2nd Round Draft Picks since 2000

December 15, 2018

Every year, the NBA draft gifts the league some amazing talent. Sometimes, that talent goes unnoticed, leading to some superstars being drafted in the second round. This is the definitive five best players ever to be selected in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft since the year 2000.


Nikola Jokic- 41st Overall, 2014

The one they call “The Joker” was probably the biggest steal to come out of the 2014 draft, drafted all the way at 41. He’s one of Denver’s most important pieces, as his ball-handling ability at his size makes it so much easier on everybody else he shares the floor with. Not only that, but this playmaking ability makes it so difficult for guys his own size to guard him. His numbers have only gotten better, with a high of 18.5 points/10.7 rebounds/6.1 assists/1.2 steal statline, as the years have gone on. His scoring ability also is something to marvel at, with a shotting percentage of at least 50%.


Draymond Green- 35th Overall, 2012

Every time you watch the Warriors play, you’re guaranteed to hear about how Draymond Green was a huge steal in the second round. They aren’t wrong either, as Draymond has been the engine that makes the Warriors run for the past 5 years. He does all the dirty things that need to be done in order to win games consistently. He is the MOST IMPORTANT player on the entire roster because of this. He’s also one of the best defenders in the entire league, winning DPoY in 2017 and All-Defensive team four times.


Marc Gasol- 48th Overall, 2007

While some may few Marc’s older brother, Pau, as the better player, you simply cannot deny Marc’s ability. The Lakers actually traded Marc in exchange for his older brother Pau on draft night. There really isn’t much to say for Gasol. He’s been a mainstay for the Grizzlies ever since he was acquired by the organization. He’s also one of the league’s best big men, on both sides of the court. He has a DPoY award in 2013 and three all-star appearances. Gasol is extremely underrated, much like his brother, and has done so much to help the league grow internationally especially in his home country of Spain. Incredible value for a player that fell all the way to the second round and was traded by the team that originally drafted him.


Paul Millsap- 47th Overall, 2006

While Millsap has never been known as a superstar, he has had quite the impact on the success of every one of his teams. Slowly, Millsap became one of the best all-around forwards to play the game. When he got to Atlanta, he really blossomed into a star, notching four all-star appearances and one of the best seasons in Atlanta Hawks history (they finished 60-22). But he really shines on the defensive end, where his current team (the Denver Nuggets) rely heavily on him. Not too bad for a second round pick.


Gilbert Arenas- 31st Overall, 2001

Agent Zero was just an incredible shot maker and scorer and a needed presence in the then brand-new post-MJ era. He was also a very controversial player, especially after a suspension during the 2009-2010 season. But his uncanny ability to hit clutch shots still puts him on this list. His best seasons came with the Washington Wizards, where he averaged an incredible 21.9 points over 8 seasons with the team. His career high was 29.3 during the 2005-2006 season. He also has three all-star appearances to his name.

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