The Definitive Five Worst Plays of 2018

December 5, 2018

As the regular season of college football ends and Christmas quickly approaches, it is only fair that joy is spread across the land. In the season of giving, I have found the 5 worst plays displayed this season and compiled them in a nice list here. 


Even if your team turned out to be a total nightmare you can always take solace in the fact that they did not execute one of these plays. Unfortunately if your team is the subject of one of these plays, then I cannot help you at all I can only laugh. 


Number 5: 


Stanford defeats Oregon in halftime after Oregon fumbled the ball and sent the game into overtime. 



In the event that your or a loved one is choking, approach them and ask if they are choking. If they cannot talk then they are obviously choking and you need to begin hitting them in the back as hard as possible. Do this 5 times and if they are still choking then begin administering the Heimlich maneuver as soon as possible. Make sure to tell the local idiot who is filming this to stop filming and to call 911. Keep hitting them in the back and doing the Heimlich maneuver until paramedics arrive. Do not let them end up like Oregon. Godspeed. 


Number 4:


Oregon State attempts to elude a squad of yellow power rangers, and fails.

This play traveled negative 16 yards. Keep Oregon State in your thoughts and prayers. Yikes. 


Number 3:


North Texas punt returner wins Academy Award against Arkansas. 


I really don't know what the worst part of this is. Could it be that Arkansas special teams never realized he didn't call a fair catch? Did they not know they were supposed to run after him? This play could be written into a 'Stranger Things' episode. 

Number 2:


Penn State calls 3 timeouts and proceeds to choke against Ohio State. 




And finally, 


Number 1:


Georgia had a shot at the playoff on the line.


Georgia had the SEC Championship on the line. 


Georgia had the opportunity to pin the number 1 team in the country deep in their own end zone, but 


Georgia decided to run a fake on 4th and 11 to give Alabama the ball on the 48 yard line...

 Just because your last name is Smart, does not mean that you are, Kirby. There are no other words. 


Please remember if a loved one is choking to follow the steps provided in this article. Don't let them end up like Georgia, Penn State, Arkansas, Oregon State, or Oregon. 


Lastly, congratulations to Oregon for somehow being featured in this article twice?






















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