No Huddle Sports Worst Takes of 2018

November 13, 2018

The year is coming to an end here and as we look back and reflect on everything that has happened in 2018 I am going to take a minute to go through and take a look back at some of our worst takes and predictions from this past year. Take into consideration that a good number of these were mine but also a few of our other writers. Just a disclaimer for this, while some writers may have some bad takes they are all still very talented and are write more times than they are wrong. Without keeping you waiting any further here is the best of the worst of the past 12 months. I have also embedded links to each article, just click the words in the blue font to get to the article.



Article: Which College Basketball teams Should You Watch Out For

I'll start off with one of my takes here, I wrote about 4 teams to watch out for in college basketball last year. 3 of the 4 teams ended up in the tournament with one in the final four but Minnesota being a dangerous team was not a good one. The Gophers finished near the bottom of the BigTen at 15-17 for the year...


Article: Five Teams That Could Win The Stanley Cup

The Second take is by Sam Salas, this is his article talking about 5 teams that could win the Stanley Cup Finals including Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, and Columbus. Sam also added two honorable mentions in Vegas and team that was missing? The Stanley Cup champion Capitals 



Article: Super Bowl Preview: Two Keys For Each Team

Our next poor take comes from me again, I'm not sure if its because I posted the most articles or am just bad with some of these but here is my Super Bowl prediction, the prediction itself wasn't that bad but the confidence I had in New England saying that there is no way the Patriots lose...



Article: Could The 2018 Cubs Be Better Than The 2016 Cubs?

The answer to that question in my article was yes, the answer in real life was definitely not. The Cubs still were very good this year winning 95 games but were a disappointment to many who had high hopes, this article is full of bad and biased takes.


Article: Predictions for the 2018 NFL Free Agents Class

This was a rough one, AJ tried predicting the landing spots 8 Free Agents and only got two of them right (if you don't count LeVeonn Bell) Predicting Kirk Cousins the the Jets, Allen Robinson to the Jags and Sammy Watkins to the Rams to say a few. AJ's Takes are usually on point but he had a few swings and misses with this one.


Article: No Huddle Sports Final Four Picks

This was rough, in our defense it was rough for a lot of people but out of the 5 of us who picked only 1 person picked more than one team who actually made the Final Four and none of us picked either Villanova or Michigan to make the Championship...

 Article: Why 2018 is the Washington Nationals Year: Season Preview

This one was rough, Anthony had similar hope in his team as I did in the Cubs so I don't blame him but the Nats had a lot go wrong and nothing in this really came right.

Article: Watch out for the Trail Blazers in the NBA Playoffs 

The Trail Blazers had high hopes heading into the playoffs last year but the hope quickly went away after the Blazers were swept out of first round.


Article: NFL Win Loss Predictions Following Schedule Release

This one is still yet to be determined but there are a few that I already know I am way off on, these are the ones I'm regretting already, also feel free to click the link in the blue font to see the full list.

Miami: 2-14 (currently 5-5)

Cincinnati: 3-13 (currently 5-4

Oakland: 11-5 (currently 1-8...yikes)

Washington: 4-12 (currently 6-3)

San Francisco: 10-6 (currently 2-8)


Article: Way Too Early Heisman Watch

This is another one that is yet to be determined but pretty much has for this instance. I'm with Michael in thinking Tate was going to win pre-season but none of his 3 favorites are likely to finish in the top 20 of voting and have all had rough years. In his defense he mentioned how Grier could be a sleeper which is spot on so not all hope lost with this article. 


Article: College Football Week 1 Picks

This is the only game prediction that I am going to have in this article because of how bad it was. In my opinion this is the worst take on the whole list. Sorry Jacob but week 1 was not friendly to you, not only did he pick all 5 games wrong he picked the now 2-8 Louisville Cardinals to beat Alabama...Yikes. I respect you trying to get an upset pick in but yikes...




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