Mid Season Report Cards for the NFC

November 13, 2018

Week 10 is in the books and we have a playoff picture starting to become clearer and clearer especially in the NFC. With two 1 loss teams running away with their divisions and two 6-3 teams starting to get on a roll the next few weeks will be very interesting. We already took a look at the AFC Report Cards and will use the same basis for the NFC teams, based partly on how they have performed and partly based on how they were expected to do.


NFC East


Redskins: B+ (6-3)

The Redskins haven't been overly impressive this year and they aren't that flashy but they sit in first place at 6-3. Alex Smith hasn't been great but he has done what the Skins need to win. The Resurgence of Adrian Peterson has been a big key and if he can keep it up the Redskins could end up winning a division that few people picked them to win.


Cowboys: C+ (4-5)

The Cowboys have been disappointing again but a big win on the road against the Eagles this past week has some hope for the Cowboys. Amari Cooper looks to be a good addition that could end up getting the offense going which they desperately need.


Eagles: C- (4-5)

The Eagles got off to a slow start but few people panicked early on. After 10 weeks and a home loss to the Cowbows I think its time to start to worry. The Eagles are not the same team especially on offense and they don't seem to have an identity right now. It's now or never if they want to try to make a late run at the playoffs but they need to figure it out quickly 


Giants: D (2-7)

The Giants have been a mess this year there is no going around that. The Giants did manage to get a much needed win last night against a struggling 49ers team but a top 5 draft pick is likely in the books again. 


NFC South

Saints: A (8-1)

The Saints are probably the hottest team in the league right now and despite losing Dez Bryant before they really even got him they still have the best offense in the league. Drew Brees is breaking records left and right and Alvin Kamara is following up a great rookie year with a stellar sophomore year. The Saints defense has been good enough to get wins and as long as the offense stays this good the defense doesn't need to be great.


Panthers: B (6-3)

Cam Newton appeared to be having one of the best seasons of his career and he still is but this past Thursday night in Pittsburgh raises some concerns about this team. Carolina is still in a good spot to take a wild card spot if they can keep up what they have done offensively but the defense will need to get much better if they want to make a run in the playoffs.


Falcons: C (4-5)

Atlanta has been another disappointing team. After getting off to a slow start the Falcons had won 3 in a row and appeared to have it figured out only to get beat by the Browns this past week to drop them back under .500. Being the third best team in the division rarely lands teams in the playoffs and they will have to be nearly flawless to finish the year in a wild card spot.


Buccaneers: C- (3-6)

Tampa got off to a hot start to the season with Fitzmagic leading the way but for some reason went back to Jameis Winston which ended up being a disaster. Since getting Fitzpatrick back in the lineup the Bucs offense has started to look better. Tampa still has a lot to work on defensively to even come close to making a playoff run.


NFC North


Bears: A- (6-3)

Chicago is one of the biggest surprises in the NFC with the emergence of Mitch Trubisky and this high powered Bears offense. Chicago finally has the offensive firepower they haven't had since their last super bowl appearance and with a good young defense the Bears look to be legit.


Vikings: B- (5-3-1)

Minnesota is still in a really good spot but they haven't looked as sharp as a lot of people thought they would. Kirk Cousins and the offense which was supposed to be one of the best in the league hasn't played to their full potential yet. If they can get a big win over Chicago this week they could get things rolling for another deep playoff run.


Packers: C (4-4-1)

Green Bay has been a mess this year, Aaron Rogers has lost a few of his key weapons and age seems to be getting to him, he has still been good but not good enough to support another sub par defense. With the Bears and Vikings looking like the teams to beat the Packers have a lot to figure out over the next few weeks.


Lions: C- (3-6)

The Lions are probably close to having to rebuild, Matthew Stafford has proven time and time again he isn't the quarterback the Lions need to be a great team. Detroit has a lot of other problems and a tough division doesn't help either. The few bright spots have been the emergence of Kenny Galloday and Kerryon Johnson on the offensive side who could be stars in the league in a few years.


NFC West

Rams: A (9-1)

The Rams looked unstoppable the first 8 weeks of the year but a loss to a good Saints team and a close win over an average Seahawks team dropped LA from an A+ to an A. The Rams are still in a really good place but questions on the defensive side of the ball and the loss of Cooper Kupp with a torn ACL may raise a few concerns in LA.


Seahawks: C (4-5)

Seattle's glory days appear to be over and Russell Wilson is really the only main piece left on the superbowl teams that is working. The defense is definitely not what it was and the aging and departure of a lot of their old stars. This appears to be LA's division for a while and it may honestly be time for Seattle to try to start over.


Cardinals: C- (2-7)

The only reason the Cardinals get this high of a grade is because they have honestly probably done about as well as anyone expected. Josh Rosen has started to show signs of what they Cardinals had hoped but besides David Johnson and an aged Larry Fitzgerald the Arizona offense has little going for them.


49ers: D (2-8)

The 49ers had high hopes going into the year with Jimmy Garrapalo getting his first full season as a starter. Unfortunately an early knee injury derailed those plans and San Fran is back at the bottom. The good news is they will have a top 3 draft pick most likely to help fix many of their problems.



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