College Football Weekly Picks

November 8, 2018


The end is near! With just a few weeks left the playoff picture is getting clearer and clearer. With just a few teams left with a shot (9 according to our article earlier this week which you can read here) each game is life or death for those in the playoff hunt. Most of those teams luckily have easier weeks this week but there are still a couple of games with huge implications on how the conference championship games and bowls will play out. Below we pick 5 of this weeks most exciting games and look at our scores for the season so far.


32- Ryan McCormick

30- Ryan Melton

29- Corey DeLaurentis

27- Michael Carano

26- Quincy Jean-Louis

26-Evan Butler

26- Matt Archie

24- Covey Jones

23- Kade Massey

23- Shaun Davis

22- Mitch Davis

22- Blaze Martonick

21- Jacob Dale Bruce

















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