Lakers Early Struggles

October 25, 2018

Well the NBA is officially back. With that comes our first look at the new and improved
Los Angeles Lakers. Many people expected the Lakers to be much better than last year, yet still a tier away from the Warriors and Rockets. However, after the first week of action, the Lakers are learning that nothing will be given to them this year. Everything will need to be earned and it all starts with chemistry.

People must remember that although a lot is expected out of LeBron, this team is brand new. Yes, the Lakers practiced all offseason, but regular season is a different monster. This is basically a pickup basketball team that we are watching right now, and they look pretty good for a pickup basketball team. The Lakers struggles are nothing to worry about right now. We all know the Lakers can score points, but the defense will have to tighten up which comes along with chemistry. I think the Lakers have the right idea with a young core and good role players around, but it will take a serious leap to contend with the Warriors and Rockets. 

Last but definitely not least, I feel the need to address Spitgate. This fight between the
Rockets and Lakers has sent the sports world into a frenzy. NBA petty wars are off to an incredible start this year including two of the most watched teams in all of sports. So apparently, it is true that Rondo spit on CP3 which is means to fight without a doubt. However, I do understand that Rondo felt the need to hit CP3 after the hands in his face. Brandon Ingram had no business coming flying back in like he did though. I’m very surprised he only got 4 games but as a Lakers fan, I cannot complain about the suspensions. I’m looking forward to how the season plays out over the next few months and how the Lakers will respond to all this adversity to start the season.





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