College Football Weekly Picks

October 11, 2018


We have reached the midway point in the college football season as many teams have played their 6th game of the year or are going to play it this week we are starting to see the landscape of the playoff picture clear up each week. While there is still a lot of football to be played games are getting more and more important and each week we get closer and closer to that playoff. We take a look at 5 games this week that should be very competitive, some will have significant impact on the playoff and some none at all. None the less, all 5 of these games should be very competitive and very close. 


Current Standings:

Corey DeLaurentis - 19

Ryan McCormick- 19

Covey Jones- 18

Ryan Melton- 17

Quincy Jean-Louis- 17

Evan Butler- 16

Michael Carano - 15

Jacob Dale Bruce - 14

Matt Archie - 13

Kade Massey - 12

Shaun Davis - 12

Mitch Davis - 10

Blaze Martonick - 8
















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