The Top 5 Small Forwards in the NBA

October 5, 2018

The NBA season is less than two weeks away and as it approaches we continue our countdown of the best players at each position. We started off with The Top 5 Point Guards in the league followed by The Top 5 Shooting Guards in the league and have now come to arguably the most talented position in the NBA, the Small Forward. With some big time names on this list there is sure to be some controversy but either way I don't think anyone would mind having any of these 5 guys lead their franchise. As always feel free to comment on twitter your top 5 guys. You can tweet at us @_NoHuddle Sports or @NoHuddleNBA.

5. Paul George

George’s fit on the Thunder is one of the most perfect fits in all of the NBA. Playing with stat sheet stuffer Russell Westbrook and underrated big man Steven Adams allows George to focus on taking good shots and playing hard on both sides of the court. It earned him a trip to the All-Star game and landed him on the all-NBA third team. I think the trade between the Thunder and Pacers for George, made just one season ago, worked out fantastic for both sides. Look for him to continue this solid play with G Andre Roberson coming back from injury.


4- Giannis Antetokounmpo

With LeBron James out of the East, it’s finally time for Giannis to assert himself as the East’s most dominant force. Throughout his career, his ceiling has been massive (he could move up on this list by the time the season is over). Like LeBron, Giannis dominates all areas of the game and could very well lead his team in basically every category. The guy can run at any position on the floor and perform at an all-star level, it’s actually insane. His numbers are actually insane and why wouldn’t they be with the crazy versatility he provides.

3- Kawhi Leonard

You may have forgotten about Kawhi, a NBA Champion and Finals MVP in his own right, in the shuffle following a questionable injury and rehab process. He comes back to lead a hungry Raptors team that suddenly could very well find themselves in the Finals by the end of the season. His defensive abilities are unquestionable; the guy has 2 Defensive Player of the Year awards to his name. His offensive numbers two seasons ago were also outstanding as he served as San Antonio’s number one scoring option. It was VERY difficult deciding this spot between Leonard and the guy behind him.


2- Kevin Durant

His arrival to the stacked Warriors was a turning point for the NBA, as it confirmed that the Warriors would continue to dominate because they just added another former MVP. Also, he finally got show off his incredible scoring prowess on the game’s biggest stage. He’s also a very underrated ball handler and rim protector as a primarily wing player. He’s a back-to-back NBA Champion and Finals MVP. Durant is very good, maybe even the best player in the NBA if not for LeBron.


1. LeBron James

LeBron proved last season that he is the undisputed best player in the NBA right now and made a huge push to take over Michael Jordan for GOAT. To say that the 2017-2018 Cleveland Cavs were bad is an understatement. Yet, he singlehandedly outplayed the entire Eastern Conference on his way to the Finals. LeBron led the Cavs in every category besides rebounding (he finished second in that). If it wasn’t for James Harden having a ridiculous year, he would’ve won the MVP by a landslide. He’s the epitome of efficiency and is the unquestioned best player in this league.

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