The 5 Worst Power 5 Teams in College Football Weekly Rankings

October 3, 2018

Another great week of college football is in the books unless of course your team is on this list. Every week I will be alternating between my list of the Top 10 group of 5 schools in college football and the 5 worst Power 5 schools in college football. This week I unveil my second installment of the 5 worst Power 5 teams in college football. Some movement from my initial rankings which you can see here but a few teams hold true on this list. Below is this weeks 5 worst with a few honorable or I guess in this case dis-honorable mentions. As in my other article I will rank these teams 61-65 since there are 65 power 5 schools if you count Notre Dame which I will for this list.


Honorable Mention

North Carolina - The Tar Heels move up from the last ranking with a win over Pitt but basketball season still can't come soon enough in Chapel Hill.


Oregon State - The Beavers highlight of the season was putting up 31 points on Ohio State in the opener, besides that there hasn't been much.


Tennessee - Tennessee is 2-3 and in a tough stretch of the season where they play Florida, Georgia, Auburn, and Alabama. Not an easy stretch and the Vols haven't been close in the first two.


#61. Kansas

Kansas falls after a disappointing blow out loss to Baylor a few weeks ago. The Jayhawks still have that W over Rutgers which will likely keep them off the bottom spot this year but it doesn't look like there are any other wins on the schedule for the Jayhawks until basketball season starts.


#62. Arkansas- Arkansas jumps up two spots despite not winning but the razorbacks have looked a lot better the past two weeks over Auburn and Texas A&M which are both tough opponents, The Razorbacks could keep moving up if they can play competitive and maybe sneak out a W in one of these conference games.


#63. UCLA - It was a bad start to the season for Chip Kelly and hasn't gotten any better since. The Bruins still search for their first win of the year. Luckily the PAC12 is down this year so they may be able to sneak one out somewhere.


#64. Rutgers

Rutgers jumps a spot in this weeks rankings not necessarily because they have done better but because the team below them has looked much worse.


#65. Nebraska

It has been bad, very bad in Lincoln for first year head coach Scott Frost. It's just too bad that Rutgers and Nebraska don't play this year otherwise we could determine who really is the worst team in college football.

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