Why the NY Knicks are the best destination for Irving-Butler

September 26, 2018

NBA Free Agency 2019 could turn out to be very interesting as two well known all-stars have the opportunity to sign with brand new teams. The stars, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler, are both slated to hit free agency, with Butler seemingly already having one foot out the door. With the multiple superteams coming together to win championships by adding superstars, it seems that the only way to possibly beat them is to team up. That is why their best bet at winning is to join up on the New York Knicks.


Now that the Knicks have gotten back into the realm of normalcy after years of dysfunction, the team has finally started to look attractive once again. Kristaps Porzingis is an outright superstar, and even though he suffered the ACL tear last season he is going to come back and continue to play up to his unicorn status. The Knicks are not going to be good this year and there will be no rush for him to get back on the court, something which often sidelines other players on their way back to the court. Along with Porzingis, you also have Tim Hardaway Jr. While he may not be known around the league, he is still a decent scoring option who is also just entering his prime at 26 years old. Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and Mitchell Robinson are also incredibly

intriguing as all have yet to turn 21 years old. They all have the chance to be absolute freaks in the league especially if Knox and Robinson play like they did in summer league and Ntilikina finds his offensive game. It may not seem like it, but the Knicks do have some depth as well. Trey Burke, Mario Hezonja, and Noah Vonleh are all solid role players who can come in and give you quality outings. Because the Knicks are most likely going to be bad this coming year, there may even be another budding superstar joining the mix (Zion Williamson anyone?). With the Knicks current roster makeup, it may be the right place for both Irving and Butler.


Not only do the Knicks have intriguing talent, but their fit for both Irving and Butler is just about as perfect as you can get. With LeBron out west, it becomes that much easier to make it to the Finals in the Eastern Conference. Furthermore, both Irving and Butler would complement each other perfectly on the current team. Irving can lead the team on the offensive end while Butler can lead on the defensive end. The team will have tons of cap space with more than enough room for both of their contracts which will most likely be pretty high. And with some shrewd front office moves, they also may be able to convince another star to join up with them. In New York, Kyrie and Jimmy have the best opportunity to dominate the league for years to come, and may possibly be the next great team to grace the NBA hardwood.

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