The Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

September 19, 2018

The NBA season is less than a month away and leading up to the season we will be ranking the top 5 players at each position heading into the season. We begin here with the best point guards in the NBA right now with their 2017-2018 season stats shown in their respective graphics. After seeing our list go ahead and tweet at us @NoHuddleNBA and tell us your list of the best point guard. Make sure to also check in every week to see the rankings of the 5 best players at every other position in the league with the 5 best shooting guards coming out next week. 


1. Russell Westbrook

From a pure talent standpoint, there is nobody in the NBA who excels at all aspects of the game like Westbrook does. Everything is done at a high level with him. He can score, distribute the ball, drive, handle the ball, shoot. His defensive abilities are average which is better than some other superstars. And the fact that his usage rate is consistently at the top, it shows that he’s about as important to his team as anybody.


2. Steph Curry

Among all the superstars, Curry is probably the most important to the Warriors. The offense runs through him and the team only gets better when he is on the court. It’s obvious he is the greatest 3-pt shooter of all-time, but his playmaking abilities are severely underrated. Plus, he hasn’t lost a step since Kevin Durant came over, in fact he’s only played better with Durant in the fold. 


3.Kyrie Irving


In the absence of fellow superstar Gordon Hayward, Irving was able to show off his talent. Irving most certainly deserves a ton of credit for the high level of play out of youngsters Jayson Tatum. His floor general skills are really an underrated part of his game. We all know that he can score the basketball, but the fact that he can do it in so many ways is just insane.



4. John Wall

I sort of feel bad for John Wall. He is severely underrated and glossed over by the guys ahead of him on this list. He does a lot of things well; like getting to the rim, drawing fouls, rebounding, distributing the ball, and is sound defensively. But he is not a great shooter, limiting him significantly in the new age NBA that relies on having an outside shot. Also, injuries have gotten the best of him lately. He still deserves to be in the top-5 because of what he does well though.



5. Damien Lillard

Lillard is sort of an enigma. Despite the fact that he is one of the most talented basketball players around he still just cannot find a way to win consistently. There was a lot of talk about how he was a surprise 1st All-NBA team this offseason, but I think Lillard’s ability to just take over games is too much not to put him in the top-5.




























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