Teams That Desperately Need an Awesome Free Agency

July 1, 2018

The 2018 NBA draft is behind us and a huge free agency that could have superstars like LeBron James, Paul George, Chris Paul, and many others on the move is forthcoming. Multiple teams could have drastically different rosters by the time next season rolls around. There are many teams who are in need of a fantastic free agency period, and these are those teams.


Cleveland Cavaliers


This one was a bit obvious. Any time you have a player on the level of LeBron James interested in walking in free agency (this is not the first time this has happened for the Cavs) you need to successfully rebound and stay competitive. How well they do in free agency is going to play a major part in the direction of the franchise. If LeBron decides to stay they can continue being Finals contenders, but they also still need to attract at least one other superstar to take on the Western Conference juggernauts like Golden State or Houston. If LeBron decides to leave it is most likely the start of a rebuild, a new need of finding players to headline the post-LeBron era in Cleveland will arise. Either way, the Cavs need some players or else they will most certainly be in trouble. Free agency is at the upmost importance for this Cavs team.



San Antonio Spurs

 The Spurs are in a very similar situation as the Cavs with their Finals MVP. The Kawhi Leonard soap opera has progressively gotten worse and worse throughout the course of the season and the offseason, and now the relationship between the player and franchise is irreparable to the point where a trade is needed. They are torn between contention and rebuild with Leonard the focus of it all. Without him, the roster consists of aging veterans with some young lackluster pieces, with the majority consisting of Tony Parker (36 years old), LaMarcus Aldridge (32 years old), Pau Gasol (37 years old), and Manu Ginobili (40 years old). It’s hard to think that they could stay in contention without somebody with the skill level of Kawhi. But, the Spurs hold all the cards with one year left on Kawhi's deal. The Spurs desperately need to make a splash in free agency to offset the loss of a former Finals MVP.



Any top Eastern Conference Team (Raptors, Celtics, 76ers)


The time is now for the top teams in the Eastern Conference with the reign of LeBron possibly being over in the East. A move to the West for LeBron would create the opportunity for these teams who have been in basketball purgatory for years to finally get their chance to get to the Finals. The only problem is that all these talented teams will be fighting it out to get their. All three of these teams have holes that have to be addressed if they want any chance of making it out of the East with LeBron gone. The Philadelphia 76ers need production out of the SG spot with JJ Redick a free agent. Both the player and team want a reunion, but if the Sixers decide against it they have options. The Celtics need to keep finding contributors to round out their bench. They already have a fantastic rotation but even more could make this team unbeatable. Finally, the Raptors could use higher end superstars to compete with all the superstars on all the other Eastern Conference teams. Everybody has something that can be improved, and fixing these in free agency should be a priority especially with a chance at the Finals up for grabs.



Houston Rockets


The Houston Rockets are in a bit of a predicament this offseason. There is enormous pressure to build a team that they believe can beat the Golden State Warriors. Last season they made significant additions last offseason, but still fell short losing in 7 games to the Warriors. This offseason provides plenty of questions. Chris Paul does not have a new deal and there are questions about whether the team from last year can get the job done. It just feels as if there is something missing preventing them from getting any closer to the Warriors. This year's free agency just might gift them what they are missing (LeBron?). Paul George can also come right in and make an impact. Deandre Jordan could also be an option, but is he really any better than Clint Capela? This free agency is extremely important for the Rockets as they try to inch closer and closer to Golden State.

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