Way Too Early Heisman Watch

May 21, 2018

Recently the Oddsmakers in Vegas released their top Heisman odds for the 2018 season. I Agree and like some of these, but some are very odd in my opinion. The list of the players with the best odds go as follows


Bryce Love 5/1

Jonathan Taylor 13/2

Jake Fromm 10/1

Khalil Tate 14/1

Shea Patterson 16/1

Kyler Murray 20/1

JK Dobbins 20/1

Will Grier 20/1

Trace Mcsorley 20/1

Jalen Hurts 20/1


My Biggest Issue with this Will Grier at 20/1. Someone seriously needs to explain to me why everyone is sleeping on this guy. No one is really take him seriously as an NFl prospect, and now this, I just don't get. He has size, mobility, arm strength accuracy and hes mobile enough. Mark my words, Grier is going to put up monster numbers this year and possibly win the Big 12.

Another issue- Nick Fitzgerald is way down on the list at 33/1 odds. This has got to be higher. He has Cam Newton written all over him in the way he plays. Also with Joe Morehead as the new coach at Mississippi st. his offensive style should do wonders for Fitzgerald at QB.


Despite these, I really like the top 2, Jonathan Taylor and Bryce Love are clearly the two best players in the country going to the season. I would like though if Khalil Tate was number 3. In fact, Tate is my pick to win it, they guy is electrifying and I really believe he could be the next Lamar Jackson. Especially with Kevin Sumlin as his coach that will really help him out this season.

The one other player that I really think could make a run at it is Trace Mcsorley. If Kahili Tate is the next Lamar Jackson, Mcsorley is the next Baker Mayfield. They are both undersized and have a great accuracy and great mobility. But just like Mayfield, with Mcsorley it's not about as much about the skills and talent, but about the grit and passion. He plays the game with great passion, and hsi teamated rally behind him and the kid is a total gamer, and without Saquon Barkley this year, he will be the main star of the team and shine.


It’s hard to predict this far out but, I think the heisman race this year will be a great and exciting one.


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