Every 2nd Round NBA Playoff Team as Fortnite Skins

May 6, 2018

The NBA playoffs have been fantastic so far this year. It has provided us with big plays, big performances, and jaw-dropping upsets. Every team that has made it this far in the playoffs has very distinct characteristics that sets them apart from every other team. This is very similar to how every skin in the popular video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, has distinct personalities that set them apart. Here we will match every remaining playoff team with the skin they are most similar with.




Philadelphia 76ers- Tomato Head


The Tomato Head is no doubt the wackiest and most unpredictable skin in all of Fortnite. I mean the skins head is an actual tomato. The 76ers are probably the wackiest team in all of the NBA. Joel Embiid embodies this the most, whether it be mocking past opponents on twitter (Hassan Whiteside we’re talking about you), tweeting how Rihanna needs to give him a shot, or telling LeBron he needs to join up with Philadelphia in free agency. The rest of the team is just as unpredictable, making this a perfect match.




Golden State Warriors- Black Knight


The Black Knight was the first big skin that differentiated extremely talented players from average players. It isn’t used as often anymore, but it is still one of those skins you should avoid at all costs if you want a chance to earn the victory royale. It also set the precedent for all big skins eventually created in the future. Just like how the Golden State Warriors were the basis for most super teams nowadays. When you see a Black Knight running towards you, you should run. The same goes if Kevin Durant is driving the lane and you have the misfortune of guarding him.




Houston Rockets- The Reaper (aka John Wick)


The Reaper is the new-school counterpart to the Black Knight. The Houston Rockets also happen to be the new-school counterpart to the Golden State Warriors. The Reaper (and the Rockets) are usually almost as good as the Black Knight, if not better, but will go on the attack more often. Both have some holes in their games but they manage to put those aside to win their games. More often than not, the Reaper has victory royale pop up on their screen at the end of games.




Cleveland Cavaliers- Skull Trooper


Due to the rising popularity of other skins, the Skull Trooper does not receive credit for being so good. LeBron James, the best player in the league and leader of the Cavs, continues to put up huge numbers while getting outshined by historic teams like the Rockets and Warriors. The Skull Trooper always has a chance to win the game, no matter how bad the odds against it may be. As long as LeBron James is playing basketball, his team will always be in any game they are in.





Boston Celtics- Raven


The Raven DOMINATES against skins that are a lower tier than itself. Not only that, but he occasionally can outwit better skins like the Skull Trooper or the Reaper. This makes the Raven extremely unpredictable. The Boston Celtics have showed time after time that they can beat teams worse than them, but struggle to consistently win against the best teams in the league. Maybe this is the year that the Celtics put all that behind them, just like how the Raven could be the next really great skin.





Utah Jazz- Raptor


Raptor is a very plain, boring skin. It doesn’t really have much hype surrounding it, but when it does manage to do well it shocks the world. The Jazz have rocked the entire league after doubting many people wrong by beating/competing with teams that are thought to be in a whole other league than them. Most experts had the much more experienced Oklahoma City Thunder winning their series, but that was not how it went. They both rely on traditional tactics to win games, only adding to the hype they get when they find ways to win.





Toronto Raptors- Rogue Agent


The Toronto Raptors are that team that enters the postseason with a high seed but cannot even touch teams like the Cavs or Celtics. They find ways to be good against scrubs, but when it’s time to play against the best they falter. Most people who use the Rogue Agent are good against scrubs/no skinned players. But they absolutely stand no chance against skins like the Reaper or Black Knight. The Raptors, barring a historic comeback, have no chance at competing with LeBron James’s Cavs.





New Orleans Pelicans- Love Ranger


The Pelicans are the team everyone wants to win, mainly because nobody expected them to get this far even though they truly did have the ability. The Love Ranger has the ability to get far in games, but they really don’t ever win. Plus, whenever the Love Ranger does manage to get far, the majority of people root for this skin over many of the other higher regarded skins. Both are underdogs, making them a very good match for each other.
















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