Sweet Sixteen Teams As Characters From The Office

March 20, 2018

The NCAA tournament has been nothing short of amazing this year with the biggest upset of all time as UMBC defeated Virginia. There have been many other incredible moments in this years tournament and if you are like me your bracket probably has very few teams remaining and with only sixteen teams left we are close to crowning a new national champion.


With the NCAA tournament being one of the best events in sport we will go ahead and take a look at one of the greatest TV shows of all time and compare the sixteen remaining teams to characters from the office. Before you comment on how wrong I am just a fair warning I got through about 12 teams confidently and then had to stretch on a few others, hope you enjoy.


Kentucky: Ryan Howard


Kentucky, like Ryan is very young, even for their standards they are one of the youngest teams Calipari has had in Lexington. Besides being young the Wildcats like Ryan are very talented and gifted and has the potential to be great. However like Ryan the Wildcats can be reckless and make mistakes that will end up hurting them
















Kansas State: Angela Martin


This one was a stretch but hear me out. Angela loves cats and hates dogs. Kansas State are the Wildcats and just beat the Retrievers. Besides that Kansas State just broke Americas heart by beating UMBC similar to how Angela Broke our hearts by being cold and ruthless to the beloved Dwight Schrute.
















Loyola Chicago: Pete/Plop


Pete came in late to the show and you probably didn't know who Loyola was a week ago but you are starting to like them a lot. Be careful before Loyola steals your allegiance similar to how Pete stole Erin away from Andy.















Nevada: Kevin Malone


Kevin loves to gamble and and has probably been to Nevada a few times because of that, Nevada has also fallen behind a few times and made big come backs similar to the way that Kevin started off just being a background character before becoming one of the best in the show















Florida State: Todd Packer


Todd Packer eventually ends up in Tallahassee which is where FSU is located, he also isn't around very much like Florida State in the tournament, not to mention how much trouble he gets into similar to how much FSU players get into trouble even if its more on the football side.

















Gonzaga: Toby Flenderson


Gonzaga is out there in the pacific northwest similar to how Toby is stuck in the annex. Toby is also a character that really doesn't do anything wrong but never really gets recognized or acknowledged for what he does similar to Gonzaga.

















Michigan: Jim Halpert


Jim likes to mess around and pull pranks but gets serious when he needs to. The past two years Michigan has been average during the regular season but kicked it in gear for the post season with back to back Big 10 championships and deep runs in the tournament. Michigan is also a pretty popular school just like Jim and are good at many things they do.

















Texas A&M: Oscar Martinez


A&M had a rough patch during the middle of the season similar to Oscar's rough patch during the middle of the show when Michael kissed him. However Oscar bounced back similar to how A&M has done this year. Oscar is also from Mexico and A&M may be the closest team to Mexico geographically speaking.

















VIllanova: Andy Bernard


Villanova has been an underdog team and average at best for a while similar to how Andy was in the beginning of the show but Andy like Villanova has become the top dog over the past few years and is running the show now.

















West Virginia: Kelly Kapoor


If you have every had your team play against West Virginia you know how annoying and relentless their defense is just like how Kelly is annoying and relentless when she is out talking. 
















Texas Tech: Meredith Palmer


Tech is a huge party school and Meredith likes to party. Tech is usually trash on the court like how Meredith is about as trashy as it gets. Every now and again Tech will impress you like how Meredith impresses you every now and then. Tech's colors are red and black and Meredith has red hair and consistently blacks out.

















Purdue: Pam Beesly/Halpert


Purdue has been one of the most consistently good teams all year like how Pam has been one of the most consistently good characters throughout the show. However Pam did get hurt by Jim late in the show similar to how Isaac Haas just got hurt badly. Will Purdue bounce back like Pam? Only time will tell.















Kansas: Michael Scott


Kansas is one of the best teams every year and is always on top like Michael. Kansas however has had a tendency of making exits from the NCAA tournament sooner than expected like how Michael did with The Office. 

















Clemson: Stanley Hudson


Clemson usually doesn't do anything (in the tournament) and Stanley usually doesn't do anything but every now and then Stanley will make a big splash and do something great. Stanley is also best known for being good at crossword puzzles like how Clemson is known for being good at football. 















Syracuse: Creed Bratton


Creed is really old similar to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. Syracuse is also a team that usually comes in underrated but surprises you at how good they do in the tournament similar to how creed comes out of nowhere to make some of the greatest moments in the show. 

















Duke: Dwight Schrute


Duke probably annoys you and you probably think their fans are obnoxious similar to how people in the office feel about Dwight. However just like Duke, Dwight is very good at what he does and will probably end up on top as regional manager one day like how Duke may end up winning it all.



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