No Huddle Sports March Madness Bracket Challenge

March 11, 2018

No Huddle Sports is happy to announce our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge. This year we will be hosting a group on ESPN's Tournament Challenge and will be giving prizes to the top three finishers. The winner of the tournament challenge will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card, the second place winner will be receiving a $10 Amazon Gift Card and the third place finisher will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. This contest is completely free to enter and anyone is eligible to win.

How to enter:

To enter our tournament challenge please click Here and complete a bracket or upload an existing bracket in our group. You can also search groups in the ESPN tournament challenge by looking for a group titled No Huddle Sports.



1. To win the prize or be eligible you must only have one entry into the field 

2. In order to contact the winners please label your entry with your twitter handle. If you do not have a twitter you can use your instagram handle followed by "/IG" (ex: _NoHuddleSports/IG. 

3. You must create and submit your bracket prior to the first game in the round of 64 starts on thursday.

4. In case of tie breaker the prize will be split between the winners (ex: if two people tie for first then the first and second place prize will be split at $17.50 each. 

5. There will be only three winners. If there is a tie for third then all participants tied will have their name pulled from a hat and one person will be declared winner. 

6. Winners will be contacted within 24 hours of the championship game concluding, if you are a winner and not contacted please DM @_NoHuddleSports on twitter or Instagram and we will see if you won.

7. Any quesitons should be sent to @_NoHuddleSports on twitter or instagram.

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