The Five Best NHL Jerseys Of Today

March 6, 2018

The switch from Reebok to Adidas has seen the temporary halt of the third jersey until next season which has highlighted the main designs of the regular home and away jersey. Some do a better job of designing than others and here are the best jerseys of today.


Note, these are my opinion and are not universal opinions of all seven and a half billion people on Earth. Also, I’m not a fashion designer. I just like the colors and patterns so please bear with me.


Honorable Mention) Carolina Hurricanes

The warning flags are back, baby! The red is undeniably powerful in these jerseys due to the pants and helmets not being black. That was a pretty bold move but it works well. They added more black in this Adidas switch over which looks good. However, most importantly the ‘Canes brought the hurricane warning boxes back to their jerseys in that middle red stripe. The defining symbol of the hurricane is represented on the jerseys.


5) Dallas Stars

Victory Green never looked better. It’s always better when teams embrace their colors with all the confidence in the world. The Stars have done an absolutely terrific of taking an aggressive color like green and creating a good look out of it. Combine the green with great shoulder patches, a simple yet interesting number font and a white bottom stripe that cleans up the look, these jerseys are definitely hard to miss but in a good way.


4) New York Rangers

 Red, White and Blue majesty in all of its glory. These jerseys perfectly sum up New York patriotism and they haven’t changed in like a billion years. An original six team that has kept its original six look, I love these jerseys. The diagonal text spelling “RANGERS” along with the 3-D style number font are classic and sleek at the same time. Also, the red pants are terrific.


3) San Jose Sharks

 The teal in these jerseys is perfect. The color has meaning because it is the color of the ocean. Or a shark. Or, well I’m not sure but it just works. The number font is the standard design which can sometimes be boring because it’s shared by at least a dozen other teams in the NHL but it looks good with their overall design. Black is a safety color but it can also be used to make a creative look remain creative without going over the top. Great logo, great teal, great jerseys.


2) Arizona Coyotes

Stripes and desert red and black and red helmets and a whole bunch of cool stuff. Starting from the bottom to the top the socks are a different design which sets them apart from other teams but they still look good. Pants are black but it really tops of the look well. The jerseys aren’t lazy at all and really demonstrate the culture of the Arizona desert with the desert red and the howling coyote logo. The only thing they could have done better would be just going back to the ‘90’s look.



1)  Montreal Canadiens

The bleu, blanc et rouge looks incredible in Montréal and in my opinion is the best jersey in the league. There is nothing special or different about the design but in my opinion there are three main factors that put it above the other 30 NHL teams. Number one, the middle blue stripe that divides the jersey in half. Number two, the bright blue helmets that combine perfectly with the blue pants and blue stripe in the middle of the jersey. And number three, the fact that they haven’t changed in a very long time. Even the few times they did change it was only slightly.


Part two which will include the NHL’s five worst jerseys will be coming soon.

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