The Ten Best Rivalries In Sports

March 4, 2018

As I sit on the couch watching Duke and North Carolina battle it out it makes me think about some of the greatest rivalries in sports. UNC vs Duke is arguably the best rivalry in college basketball and possibly even college sports, but where do the other great match ups rank compared to that rivalry?


For this list I take a look at the old and the new, I try to take into consideration the history of the rivalry vs how current it still is. I have at least one from the 6 major sports in the U.S. if you want to call it that, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA football and basketball. As you read the list you'll notice some rivalries are newer and some aren't as relevant today most notably the NBA rivalries on this list. You will also notice a lot of rivalries that have been around for decades and are still as intense as ever.


With that being said, lets go ahead and take a look at the best rivalries in sports. Feel free to comment your opinion and let me know what you think. To start off let's take a look at three rivalries that just missed the cut.


Honorable Mention


Texas Football vs Oklahoma Football


Louisville Basketball vs Kentucky Basketball


New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles




Click the image below to see the top ten list



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