Top Ten College Basketball Programs Of All Time

February 15, 2018

We are in the midst of the college basketball season and as we took a look at the best coaches in college basketball last week which you can read here, this week I will give you a breakdown of the best college basketball programs in NCAA history. This list is full of blue bloods that were dominating in the past and some which you will see in the top of the rankings today. 


In this list I will take a look at teams that have more wins than any other teams in history and the teams with the most championships as well. I tried to take into consideration success both in the tournament and throughout time to rank these teams. 


College basketball is a very top heavy game with a few programs who have dominated over the course of history and recently. The teams on this list have combined for 9 of the past 10 championships as a matter of fact. I am sure you can guess many of these teams as many of them are still very good today and a few sort of falling off. With that being said here is my list of the top 10 college basketball programs of all time. As always feel free to let me know what you think about the rankings and let me know who your top 10 teams of all time are.


#10. Michigan State

All time wins: 1,659

National Championships: 2

Most Recent Championship: 2000


#9. Syracuse

All time wins: 1,861

National Championships: 1

Most Recent Championship: 2003


#8. Uconn

All time wins: 1,682

National Championships: 4

Most Recent Championship: 2014


#7. Louisville

All time wins: 1,803

National Championships: 3

Most Recent Championship: 2013


#6. Indiana

All time wins: 1,801

National Championships: 5

Most Recent Championship: 1987

#5. Kansas

All time wins: 2,217

National Championships: 3

Most Recent Championship: 2008



#4. Duke

All time wins: 2,115

National Championships: 5

Most Recent Championship: 2015


#3. UNC

All time wins: 2,206

National Championships: 6

Most Recent Championship: 2017


#2. Kentucky

All time wins: 2,237

National Championships: 8

Most Recent Championship: 2012


#1. UCLA

All time wins: 1,849

National Championships: 11

Most Recent Championship: 1995



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