March Madness Preview: 1-4 Seeds

February 11, 2018

A big shakeup in college basketball this week as the top 3 teams all lost at least once this week and #3 Purdue losing twice. Coming into the week it seemed like it was Virginia, Villanova, Purdue and then everyone else. After a shakeup in the top three it will be interesting to see how things appear in the polls when they come out tomorrow. 


Selection Sunday is still about a month away but looking ahead I will go ahead and break down who I think deserve to be the top 4 seeds in each region. While there is still a lot of work to be done and surely there will be a few teams on this list who drop big and a few teams off this list that will rise once March rolls around. This is in no way a prediction of how things will be in March, instead it is a "if the season ended today" list of who the best 16 teams are at this point.


To start off I will break down the 4 seeds. I am not going to try to predict which region each team will fall in or who they may end up playing but here is my list. As always, feel free to to tweet at me and let me know what you think who you think, find me on twitter @Ryanmcc09.


4 Seeds

Rhode Island: 20-3 (12-0)


Duke: 19-5 (7-4)


Clemson: 20-4 (9-3)


North Carolina: 19-7 (8-5)



3 Seeds

Kansas: 19-6 (8-4)


Gonzaga: 23-4 (13-1)


Arizona: 20-6 (10-3)


Ohio State: 22-5 (13-1)


2 Seeds

Purdue: 23-4 (12-2)


Cincinnati: 22-2 (11-0)


Texas Tech: 21-4 (9-3)


Auburn: 22-3 (10-2)


1 Seeds

Villanova: 23-2 (10-2


Virginia: 23-1 (12-1)


Xavier: 23-3 (11-2)


Michigan state: 24-3 (12-2)



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