Top Ten College Football Programs of The BCS Era

January 10, 2018

This weeks edition of Random Rankings I will be taking a look back at the BCS Era of college football. While it wasn't the best system out there it was a nice stepping stone into what we currently have as the college football playoffs. I used a system to determine the best football programs of the BCS era by giving teams scores based on total wins, national championship wins, National Championship appearances, BCS bowl wins, and BCS bowl appearances. While I think there is room for argument I did try to take into consideration teams that had success and success on the biggest stages. 


I would give a description or reasoning of why each team is in that position, but instead I will just give the stats and team records and let those speak for itself. Just remember this when reading, some teams were absolutely awful for a large part of the BCS era and a lot of their success has come since so don't get mad at me for having Alabama lower then you thought they would be, get mad at them for being a .500 team for the first half of the BCS era. I also do want to give a shout out to Bleacher Report, they posted a similar article previously and while I did not use the same formula I did take all of the team records and stats from their list to save me time digging else where so shout out to you BR. I came down to 12 teams that set themselves apart in the BCS era and while I only have 10 in this ranking here are the 2 that didn't make the top 10 or the "honorable mention".


#12. Florida State Seminoles 

Record: 128-56

BCS Record: 1-3

National Championship Record: 2-2


#11. Miami Hurricanes

Record: 130-57

BCS Record: 2-0

National Championship Record: 1-1


As always feel free to tweet at me if you need my explanation on why a certain team is at a certain spot or if you want to try to tell me why I'm wrong @Ryanmcc09


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