No Huddle Sports Signs J.D. Pickell

January 4, 2018

No Huddle Sports is happy to announce the addition of the newest blogger to the No Huddle Sports team. As the year kicks off we are planning on adding a few new writers to the No Huddle Sports staff starting off with the first new addition of the year, J.D. Pickell. J.D. is a Junior at Cornell University where he plays running back on the Cornell football team. J.D. is originally from Orange County, California but recently moved to Atlanta Georgia when he is not at Cornell. J.D. is the co-founder of a college football blog which you can check out by clicking the right here. You can find J.D. on Instagram and Twitter @JDPickell and his college football blog can be found at @CFHJ. To get to know more about JD. Below you can read more to get to know the newest member of No Huddle Sports. Also check out the video below of J.D. at the Army vs Navy game this past December.


College you attended: Cornell University. Will graduate in May 2019


Favorite teams or Individual athlete  Baylor football, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Heat


Favorite retired athlete: Does Tim Tebow count?


Favorite current athlete: Christian Mccaffrey


If you could have one team win a championship which team would it be and why: Baylor football. The university needs to have something good happen. Or, Atlanta Falcons, they've never done it and the city deserves one. So close on several occasions.


Favorite sports game you've ever attended: Army Navy football game 2017 and Oklahoma vs Ohio state football game 2017 (we had no ticket so we snuck in with the band)


One sporting event you wanna go to before you die: The Iron Bowl. So much passion


If you could have one player from another team play for your favorite team who would it be? (any sport): Christian Mccaffrey on the falcons.


Favorite sports movie: Remember the Titans. The reason I started football.

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