The Top Ten Wide Receivers in the NFL

December 28, 2017

Sports are full of debates and rankings and that is honestly one of my favorite things. Every week I am going to try to do a series of rankings where I usually rank the top 10 of certain things. I'll try to stay away from doing teams because that is what everyone else does so this week I am going to start off with one that could go many ways. The wide receiver position in the NFL is one I never really see people discuss, and honestly there are probably 6-10 guys who could arguably be the best receiver in the league any given week. Below I will break it down by who I think are the best ten receivers in the league and then give a quick reasoning for each guy. For this I am trying to take into account as much as possible, skill set, stats, dominance, how well of a teammate they are, uniqueness etc. Basically if you had to pick one guy to play for you for one week and each guy got to play with the same teammates vs the same defense who would you take. I know that can be tricky because certain guys play better against certain things and in certain offenses but lets just pretend for this that all things are equal across the board.


Before I start here are the guys who just missed the cut in no particular order: Mike Evans(TB), Demaryius Thomas(DEN), Devante Adams(GB), Keenan Allen(LAC), Brandon Cooks(NE), Jordy Nelson(GB), and Tyreek Hill(KC). Honestly any of these guys could have made this list. I think the top 5 are pretty solid in the top 5 and 6-15 can really be a toss up, this is just who I think are the best in the game. 


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