Get to Know the No Huddle Team: Ryan McCormick

December 19, 2017

Over the next few week we will be getting to know some of the writers of No Huddle Sports. To start things off I will start off by introducing myself with the same questions I will ask the other writers for No Huddle Sports. I have been a huge sports fan my entire life and I created this blog in order to express my thoughts on a new platform and give others the ability to do the same. You may not always agree with what I or anyone else who writes for us has to say but that is the beauty of sports. I love discussion and debate and am always down to argue or discuss something with you so don't be afraid to tweet at me and know your thoughts.


College attended?: Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree in Sport Administration, Class of 2017


Favorite teams or individual sport athletes?: In no particular order...Chicago Cubs, Florida Gators (Mens Basketball and Football mostly), Ball State Cardinals in every sport (gotta support my alma mater), Chicago Bears, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Blackhawks (not too big into hockey though), 


Favorite retired athlete?: Tim Tebow (retired from football)


Favorite current athlete?: Kris Bryant


One team I would want to win the championship and why?: I would love to see the Cubs win again but they just won so I will go with Florida football since it has been almost 10 years since they won one. I would say Ball State basketball but that isn't very realistic. 


Favorite sports game ever attended?: I went to a cubs game earlier this season with a good friend who is a Brewers fan, the cubs were down all game to Milwaukee and Addison Russell hit a walk off 3 run HR to win the game, it was awesome!


One sporting event you want to attend before you die?: Probably the Final Four or the Kentucky Derby


If you could have one player from another team join your team who would it be?: I would love to see Mike Trout join the Cubs, that lineup would be unstoppable and he is fun to watch play.


Favorite sports movie?: This might make people mad since it isn't a real "sports movie" but I love Talla


dega Nights, arguably the funniest movie ever


Where can we follow you?: Twitter @Ryanmcc09  Instagram: @Ryanmcc1995  Snapchat: DM me on twitter if you want that.

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