What Lavar Ball Should Do With Liangelo Ball

December 5, 2017

Everyone's favorite dad, Lavar Ball is back in the news this week as he always is. Whether you absolutely hate him or you love him, you have to give Lavar some respect. Not just anyone can make this kind of impact solely by coasting off of their children's success. Even if you absolutely despise Lavar you at least find him somewhat entertaining or you wouldn't be reading this article. Now to the latest updates from the Ball family.


This week the Lakers made a new rule saying that members of the media were not allowed to meet with players families or friends after games which basically only meant they couldn't talk to Lavar Ball because no other family members of players were talking to the media. Lavar was also back in the news because he decided to pull Liangelo his second oldest son, out of UCLA. I say Lavar pulled him out because no way Liangelo had any say in this situation. This incident comes weeks after Liangelo along with two of his UCLA teammates were arrested in China for shoplifting which forced President Trump to get involved which created even more drama. With Liangelo's recent departure from UCLA, Lavar has promised to get his son ready for the NBA draft, and while many people think this is a long shot here is what I think Lavar should do. 


There is no way that Liangelo will be ready to play in the NBA without getting some game experience weather that be in college somewhere or oversees. We have already seen what happens when Liangelo goes oversees so I think his only option is to find a school that would take him in. At this point I don't think it will be a major college basketball program so he will have to look somewhere smaller. I think he should look to an area where basketball is big and can be his only focus and a school where Lavar and the Big Baller Brand can get some publicity. After doing some research and analyzing scenarios, I think there is only one logical landing spot for Liangelo and the Big Baller Brand and that is...Ball State University.

Ball State is located in the heart of Indiana which is basketball country, it is also sort of in the middle of nowhere which would keep Liangelo from the distractions of the big city. Ball State also has an up and coming basketball program under a rising young coach in James Whitford and with the addition of Liangelo, the Cardinals could easily make the tournament this year. Ball State also would be great for publicity, not only is it a smaller school with no other major claims to fame in athletics in the recent years but it has the Ball name in it which I'm sure a creative guy like Lavar could do something with.


Ball State was founded in the early 1900's by the Ball brothers Lucius, William, Frank, Edmund, and George. I'm sure Ball State would love nothing more then to add a 6th member of the Ball family to the schools legacy and yes I am talking about Lavar. Another reason that Lavar might be interested in bringing Liangelo and Big Baller Brand to Ball State is for the possibility of getting Ball State as the first college athletics program to be sponsored by Big Baller Brand. With all of these major companies like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas controlling the college athletic landscape, a mid major school would be the perfect place for BBB to jump in and get started. I'm sure the students would even love to have the school renamed to Big Baller State University or the Ball State Big Ballers. I even took the liberty of drawing up below what a re-branding of the new look athletic uniforms may look like if Big Baller Brand would come in, and at only $1300 a jersey they will sell quickly.

Now I know it's a long shot, but it would make sense and it would help out both parties involved. Who knows, maybe even one day Lavar Ball could be the next president of Ball State University and bring in Papa John and David Letterman, two of Ball State's most notable alumns.  

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