Which Star Wars Character is Each CFB Playoff Team?

December 5, 2017

Yesterday the final College Football Playoff rankings were finally announced and depending on how you interpret the Committee’s decision, you are either elated or seething with rage. However maybe some of you don’t know what to think of the rankings or the teams, and for this group I’ll attempt to shine light on the subject the best way I know how...Star Wars.


#1 Clemson - Emperor Palpatine

Clemson is the returning champ and is now making their 3rd consecutive trip to the CFP. They are also the only team to be in the top 4 of the CFP rankings each time they were released this year. Despite losing Deshaun Watson to the NFL this year, the Tigers haven’t really missed a step, and are undisputedly the #1 seed this year. Their track record is so strong, it’s hard to imagine them being toppled. But could there be a late twist to the saga?


#2 Oklahoma - Darth Maul

The Mayfields (cough) excuse me, The Sooners have no doubt been a force this season. Taking on a huge game against Ohio State early in the season showed they had no fear of risking a loss for the chance at making a statement. Baker Mayfield himself is the type of player who skills you have to admire, but also the type of guy that makes you say “what a tool”. But not just a singular tool, like the entire tool shed. A type of tool shed who murders one the coolest Jedi in the entire series and makes you watch through a light shield, and then tells you to “go cheer for pod racing” (I hope everyone is appreciating my Phantom Menace references).


#3 Georgia - Han Solo

Georgia feels like an underdog fan favorite to me. They pretty consistently beat their opponents even if it’s a narrow escape (week 2 Notre Dame), and we can chalk up the loss to Auburn to as their frozen in carbonite moment. At which point the Bulldogs fell from #1 to #7 in the CFB rankings, only to make an eventual triumphant comeback to the action, just like Han in a New Hope & and his arc as a whole in returning for Force Awakens. We’d all like it if they stuck around, but if the Force Awakens is any indication, sometimes people we wish could stay need to go.


#4 Alabama - Anakin Skywalker

Of the whole list, I think I really nailed it with this one. Alabama is the only team to have been in the CFB ever since it’s institution, likewise Anakin is the only person to be featured in each movie of the Star Wars franchise (I’m counting his helmet in Force Awakens for the sake of argument). “Annie” murdered younglings the entire year and thought it was some kind of accomplishment. I don’t even know where Mercer is, and I’m not looking it up, but that is who Bama schedules for the 2nd to last game. No doubt both he and Alabama are powerful, but toward the end of the saga/season you gotta wonder “could they really take _____ in a fight?” I mean in Return of the Jedi, Vader is beaten by Luke in what we can assume is his first light-saber duel since the “Am I your Father” incident. Similarly I ask, could Alabama really beat Ohio State? At any rate, we’re standing here facing the reality that Bama is what all of College Football revolves around, so how could we have a playoff without them being involved?


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