How Lane Kiffin Has Taken Over Twitter

December 3, 2017


Lane Kiffin has had quite a year this season. He just led FAU to the conference championship and a 10-3 record. Many people questioned the hire and doubted Kiffin but after a slow start Kiffin has gotten the Owls turned around and are one of the hottest teams in the country. With this on field success, Kiffin has also had quite the presence on Twitter and has quickly become my favorite Twitter account out there. Kiffin is a boss and isn't afraid to speak out and throw shade at people and that is why I love it. 


I started following Kiffin about a month ago and I have compiled some of my favorite tweets and some of the reasons why Kiffin has been dominating Twitter just like how his Owls have been dominating on the field.


One reason I like Lane on twitter is he opens up people to his life. He is a family man and loves to share that with his followers. Kiffin below sharing pictures of his wife and daughter? (I think) and his brother and dad.




Kiffin also has taken to twitter to help give his opinion in the Tennessee coaching search and giving us updates on the situation...





Kiffin has also let us know that he is deep down a Fresno State fan, either that or he likes red more than blue...




My favorite thing that I have seen Kiffin do is throw shots at Nick Saban and Alabama, most notably at the comments that Saban made about rat poison, Kiffin even made T-shirts to take shots at his former boss at Alabama and tweeted out some fashion advice for Saban. Kiffin also points out in one picture that Nick Saban is an Owls fan deep down and was showing it on TV.

 Kiffin also has tweeted out multiple articles talking about him...lets hope he sees this and tweets it out. As a matter of fact I will go out and say now that No Huddle Sports is Pro-Kiffin. One of the other great things that Lane did on Twitter is really try to get Heisman winner Lamar Jackson to #ComeToThefaU. Hey I am all for this, that is a baller move, I think I once heard a quote from Michael Scott, ""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott. Whatever works for you Lane, and while I do think Jackson will end up going pro after this year Kiffin made some good selling points on why the Heisman winner should come home. 




If you haven't hopped on the Lane Train yet then you need to. I used to not be a big fan of Kiffin but he has grown on me lately both on and off the field and I love that he isn't afraid to tweet what he wants and for everyone laughing at him, all it is gonna take is one recruit to commit because of Lane tweeting at him before he officially wins twitter. Until then make sure to give him a follow and also if you want to follow me...@Ryanmcc09, I'm not gonna be as good as Lane on twitter but I will greatly appreciate it and give you a follow back if you retweet this article.

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