Thanksgiving Day NFL Preview

November 23, 2017


In my opinion Thanksgiving is one of the most underrated days of the year in terms of sports and most of that centers around the NFL. Every year we get to be with family, eat a ton of food, and sit on the couch all day watching a bunch of slightly below average football match ups and this year is no different. In my opinion there is nothing that I would rather do at 12:30 on a Thursday then sit in the recliner, flip the Lions on and fall asleep to that only to wake up in the fourth quarter to the lions down 45-13 with a bunch of miserable Detroit fans dressed up like turkeys. This year that might be the best match up we have on Thanksgiving day. Not only are the Lions a contender this year at 6-4, but the team they are facing, the Minnesota Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFC. The other two games I could really care less about but on Thanksgiving day you better believe that I'll be sitting on the couch avoiding small talk with family members by watching these games.


As I mentioned, the game in Detroit might actually be the best one of the day and that's a shame since it is a 12:30 kickoff and I'll probably wanna nap through it. Detroit is coming off a come from behind win in Chicago and this game would be instrumental if they want to even consider winning the NFC North this year. With a win here they will only be a game back of the Vikings and with a remaining schedule that includes @Baltimore, @Tampa Bay, vs Chicago, @Cincinnati, and vs Green Bay, the lions could easily finish 11-5 or 12-4 with a win tomorrow. The Vikings however have a tougher schedule moving forward, having to go to the red hot Falcons, to the Panthers, then Cincy at home followed by Green Bay away and Chicago at home to finish up the season it will give them a lot more room for error if they can win tomorrow and build a three game lead in the division. I'm not sure how but somehow the Vikings are 8-2 with Case Keenum as their quarterback and that says a lot about the rest of their team, and Detroit almost never wins on Thanksgiving but saying that, I think the Lions pull it out this year in a come from behind win and take it 26-23 over the Vikings.


The second game of the day is the other traditional Thanksgiving Day game featuring the Dallas Cowboys, this year hosting the Los Angeles Chargers. Really once Ezekiel Elliot finally got suspended the Cowboys were done. They were having other problems this year but losing Elliot really did it for them and after back to back embarrassing losses they now find themselves at 5-5 and 4 games back of Philadelphia who looks like a lock to win the division at this point. The Chargers however are about where everyone expected them to be, 4-6 and looking like a team that could beat anyone on any given day but probably wont. Philip Rivers continues to put up good numbers but the Chargers are still far away from being relevant. I think this will be a close game because the Cowboys still have something to prove and the Chargers can hang in there with anyone but I have the Cowboys winning this one 34-28.


The final game of the night is gonna be perfect for when you got drunk at noon, sobered up from the food and then are trying to get drunk again as well as continuing to eat while you sit on the couch. The Giants are a mess this year but somehow beat Kansas City last week and the Redskins have good talent but have had so many injuries that have held them back. Kirk Cousins is slowly becoming a top talent quarterback and may be out of Washington after this year if he decides to move on. Eli Manning might be done in terms of being an elite quarterback and the giants are at a weird stage where they could rebuild completely but they could also add a few pieces and be really good. This one will be interesting because it has been hard to read both of these teams but I think the Redskins will pull this one out behind a stellar performance from Cousins. Redskins 23, Giants 13


 Another good game coming from College football will be going on also tomorrow with Ole Miss at 5-6 facing off against Mississippi State who is currently ranked 14th. I'm not gonna break this game down but it should be a good game as one of the most underrated rivalries in the country. Look for Mississippi State to come out big in hopes to maybe sneak into a bigger bowl game this year.  

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