NBA Early Season News & Notes

November 8, 2017


We are about a month into the NBA season, and if you are like myself and are a casual fan you probably haven’t watched too much yet. I have seen enough and kept up with scores enough to try to put together an article.

Early on in the season the west is shaping out to about how people expected it to be. The warriors and Rockets look good both at 8-3 at the moment and Minnesota, Memphis, and San Antonio are right behind with 7 games apiece. It’s till too early to tell how teams will turn out but it looks like we are going to have another year of the Rockets, Warriors, and Spurts up at the top of the Western Conference rankings come playoff time.

There are a few teams in the west that have gotten off to a slow start, Oklahoma City being the big one that everyone is mentioning. Now they are at 4-6 now and have looked lost at some moments, but they are a new team that hasn’t played together and they have enough talent to where they will put it together and eventually make the playoffs like they seem to always do.


The east has been a bit of a shock especially at the top. Cleveland has struggled a lot and Boston looks unbeatable despite the fact that they lost their second best player early on (don’t @ me, Kyrie is better than Heyward). A week before the season started I made a bet with my roommate that Boston would make the finals over Cleveland. The moment I saw Gordon Heyward go down I thought all hope was lost. Watching the teams now I’m not as worried. Now don’t get me wrong, Cleveland will get back to their old ways and will be a tough out in the playoffs but I think Boston is a much stronger team without Heyward then most people expected.


Besides those teams it doesn’t look like anyone else will have a realistic chance at the finals. Detroit and Indiana has looked better than expected and, and Washington and Toronto still have the talent to compete but right now it looks like it’s going to be another year of Cleveland and Boston.


Speaking of that, can I just talk about how predictable the NBA has gotten. I don’t wanna say guarantee but I can almost guarantee that the NBA conference finals will consist of Boston and Cleveland in the East and a combination of Houston, Golden State or San Antonio in the West, and if I really had to pick it’s gonna be Houston and Golden State. I’m not gonna bet anyone on this but if at least 3 of those teams don’t make the conference finals, the first person to call me out on this at the end of the season I will give them $25 and give $25 to the charity of their choice, or $50 to charity if they are feeling generous enough. (although I do reserve the right to veto a charity if I don’t believe in what they do).



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